Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Chicks and Giggles September 6

Chicks and Giggles invites you to laugh away the post-labor day blues
on Tuesday, September 6. Our host Carolyn Castiglia may go into labor
day now, so every day is potentially Labor Day.

Hey Virgos! It's totally OK to laugh. Come to Chicks and Giggles. We
promise not to make fun of you.:)

Tuesday, September 6 at 8:30 pm
Raga - 433 East 6th Street (between 1st and A)
Show is downstairs!

Lineup includes:

Claudia Cogan (co-producer, Becky and Claudia's Supreme Offering)
Jane Condon (Ladies of Laughter Finalist)
Kelli Dunham (Reading Series at Barbes)
Jen Dziura (producer, The Jenny Vaudeville Show)
Shannon Ennis (Gotham)
Abby Rosin (Laugh Lounge)

Hosted by Carolyn Castiglia (Caroline's)

Check out:

Our special theme show is September 13. It's called Teacher's Pet.
Comics will read stories about crushes on teachers. Hot!

How To Kick People TONIGHT

Wednesday, August 31st at 7:30pm
with Bob Powers & Todd Levin
and featuring:
- Jon Friedman (host/creator, The Rejection Show)
- Ophira Eisenberg (Comedy Central, VH-1)
- Jonathan Ames (author, The Extra Man & Wake Up, Sir!)
PLUS! music from Jesse Hartman (of the band Laptop)

Upstairs at Mo Pitkins' House of Satisfaction
34 Avenue A, between 2nd and 3rd Streets
Tickets: $8

There are no advance tix available, so you might want to arrive early.

for more information:

Eugene Mirman grapples with Cheaptickets in new Village Voice blog

Apparently, Eugene Mirman has started at blog at the paper I write for, The Village Voice. In the first installment, he "grapples with Cheaptickets."

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sara Schaefer and Jon Friedman at the Delicious Sandwich Social

Sandwich Social 016
Originally uploaded by guessica.
I was out of town, but apparently the Delicious Sandwich Social was a hit.

Jon Friedman's recap

Jess of Fig and Plum's recap (where I got this photo)

The Apiary's recap

Sunday, August 28, 2005

also tonight: X v Y

Magnet’s new variety night XvY!
9:30 PM
Hosts: Tony Carnevale and then Rosemary Stevens
Celebrity Judges: Sara Schaefer and Chains (Cuntis
Film: Armando Diaz “Beer Goggles”
Female Stand-Up: Giulia Rozzi
Male Improv Team: Ego Testical
(Stan Laikowski, Chris Schneider , Tony Carnevale,
Andrew Dickerson, Mike Hagen, Jeff Scherer, Dave
Thunder, Dave Warth, Billy Ryan)
Film: Shannon Manning “Ladyland”
Male Stand-Up: Bobby Tisdale
Female Improv Team: Boobie Trap (Leigh Angel, Amy
Dickenson, Michele Medlin, Sarah Nowak, Betsy Todd,
Cindee Weiss, Kristy Kershaw, Rachel Korowitz)

Comedy Pro Shop is tonight

The Pro Shop
at Sin Sin Lounge
248 2nd Ave at 5th Street
9pm -- FREE!!!

Hosted by Baron Vaughn
Blaine Perry
Leo Goodman
Elon James White (filming upcoming comedy show "Hey Mon")
Ritch Duncan (writer for SNL weekend update, JEST magazine)
Susan Prekel (Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival)
Tom McCaffrey (Premium Blend)

Friday, August 26, 2005

also known as star-fucking

September 14th: The new monthly reading/comedy/music series " BRUTAL HONESTY" produced by Lianne Stokes, Becky Yamamoto and myself at our new home Otto's Shrunken Head ( 14th Street & Avenue A) 9 pm, free! This month's theme "Fame Finders: my evening with a celebrity" with Nick Kroll, Bex Schwartz, Margot Leitman and more.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Eat sandwiches with Jon Friedman

Jon Friedman, much like Joey on Friends, is obsessed with sandwiches. Go to his Delicious Sandwich Social and stuff your face.


What's extra funny is that Tuesday night I had my trivia event and then Ophira was at Galapagos too - busy lady! And Susie Felber is hilarious, talented, awesome and my hostess this weekend.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

President Bush does comedy, who knew?

Brooklyn Comedy Company, that's who!

Monday, August 22, 2005

"Still Standing" every Thursday

from AB Carney

Manhattan Comedy Collective

MC presents Still Standing in September!

With an overwhelming array of stand up choices in NYC, Still Standing is a
welcome change of pace. Every month host AB Carney presents comics with a
challenge…write new material based around a THEME. September promises to be
arresting as NYC's funniest comics discuss
"Incarceration in America."
Special guests include Leighann Lord and Sven Wechsler.

September 8, 15, 22, 29
Juvie Hall, 24 Bond St. @ Lafayette

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Minty Fresh Comedy

Minty Fresh Comedy sounds like they've got a ton of great stuff lined up, so much so that I'll forgive the "it's" grammatical error.

9/10 8p - Otto's Shrunken Head
Cocktail: a blend of comedy styles
438 e. 14th street (b/w a&b), NYC

10/8 - Laugh Factory
Part of the New York Underground
Comedy Festival
303 West 42nd Street, NYC

Mintyfresh will be bringing back
short-form improv in the fall

Keep your eyes peeled for
"Coming Out" a new special
brought to you by Mintyfresh

Single and want to meet someone
funny? A singles comedy show is
on it's way.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Baron Vaughn is everywhere

Don't believe me? Check out all his dates below. From Baron:

Hey Everybody!

Baron Vaughn here (hold your applause) with some upcoming dates for different shows. First off, I'm becoming one of the hottest hosts in town!

Every Monday starting, AUGUST 22nd
"Tell Your Friends!"
at The Lolita Bar
266 Broome St., off of Allen St.
Take the F train to Delancey St.
8:00pm - FREE SHOW
( for lineups)

WITH YOUR MC - Baron Vaughn

------- AUGUST 22
* Todd Levin, who is warming up for his upcoming Comedy Central "Premium Blend" taping.
* Claudia Cogan, heard on Sirius Radio, seen at Caroline's, the UCB Theatre, and the PIT.
* Liam McEneaney, from Comedy Central's "Premium Blend" and VH1's "Best Week Ever"
* Victor Varnado, from the Eddie Murphy movie "Pluto Nash," the Schwarzenegger film "End of Days," seen on "Premium Blend" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"
* Andy Borowitz, co-creator of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," and seen on "Best Week Ever," CNN, NPR, and in the pages of The New Yorker and The NY Times

------- AUGUST 29
* Ophira Eisenberg from Comedy Central's "Premium Blend" and had a 1/2
hour comedy special on Canadian television
* Brian Finklestein, from Chicago City limits and the UCB Theatre
* Liam McEneaney, from "Premium Blend" and VH1's "Best Week Ever"
* Andres DuBouchet, Time Out NY called him one of NYC's best
comedians, and was one of Backstage magazine's "Stand Out Standups
Worth Watching."
* Christian Finnegan, taped his own half-hour "Comedy Central
Presents" special, is a regular on "Best Week Ever," hosts a game show
on TV Land, and is currently filming a movie with Thomas Lennon

AND OUR HOUSE BAND - A Brief View of the Hudson, a folk-rock duo that blows away audiences at every show they play. They've performed here in the USA, and abroad, and last year did an in-store appearance at Amoeba Records in LA. We're very lucky that they've agreed to open this show.

Produced by Mike Collins & Liam McEneaney

Every Tuesday in Williamsburg!
Brooklyn Comedy Company presents
"I Can't Believe Its Not Manhattan!!"
at Galapagos Art Space (
70 North 6th St Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L train to Bedford
10:00pm - FREE SHOW
( for lineups)

------- AUGUST 23
Jon Friedman
Wes Connelly
Ritch Duncan
Ophira Eisenberg
Julie Perkins
Freddie Sheffield

------- AUGUST 30 (Guest Host Elon James White, I'll be at Caroline's)
Alison Castillo
Karith Foster
Dan Newbower
Becky Yamamoto
Jess Wood
Justin Sanders
Ray Rivera


Here are some upcoming shows where I'll just be performing.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 26th @ 8:30pm
"Sweet Paprika"
Hosted by Allison Castillo and Ophira Eisenberg
at the Village Lantern,
167 Bleecker Street
Produced by Allison Castillo and Ophira Eisenberg

TUESDAY, AUGUST 30th @ 9:30pm
"New Class Clowns"
Caroline's on Broadway
1626 Broadway betwixt 49th and 50th Sts.
Hosted by Bryan Kennedy

"The Social"
Hosted by Wes Connelly
at Sin Sin Lounge
248 East 5th St at 2nd Ave.
Produced by Tasha Space and Michelle Maclay

I heart The Apiary

Nate at The Apiary is the total bestest. He rocks and totally made my day with his interview with me about doing Brutal Honesty. I'm so touched by people telling me I was funny. I just may totally embarrass myself (all in preparation for the constantly-postponed-but-I'm-promised-it-WILL-happen Movies I Made As A Kid Film Festival) by reading from my RNM ("Rachel Needs Money") newsletter someday at Mortified. And I don't just heart The Apiary cause Nate wrote about me; Jeff Mac and Baron Vaughn can attest that I was enthusing about the site outside Rififi (where I got carded - WTF? I've never been carded there or seen a doorman before) last night. We also got mildly chastised for talking too loudly (shocking, I know).

Welcome to HIS Week

This will have to be ultra brief. I haven't been to many comedy shows lately, trying to do that crazy thing called W-R-I-T-I-N-G, but managed to make it an hour late to Welcome to Our Week last night. Someone I don't know (his name might be Jon Mullaney???) was introducing the comics. I got to catch the always funny Jeff Mac ripping on 35-year-old Harry Potter fans ("I get it, I get it - you're childlike and whimsical!") and Chelsea Peretti on stewardesses, flying, hot guys, and some wicked impressions.

But the big news, or maybe this is old news but it was new to me, is that Jessi Klein is now in LA working on some project (I missed the part where this was announced so heard it secondhand from Jeff and Baron Vaughn and Eric Andre), so Nick Kroll will now be hosting the show. That's sad...I mean, good for Jessi, but I always loved their banter and unique interplay. Wonder what it will be like now? I have totally missed that show though, hadn't been in like two months and it was great, even though I think I insulted Jeff when we were all standing outside talking when I said, "You know, the best comedy seems to happen on the sidewalk outside of shows," which I stand by, but that doesn't mean he wasn't funny onstage. I miss going to comedy shows, but that'll largely have to wait till I'm back from Turkey.

Everyone I know practically is going to Mortified on Sunday. I may try to go, not sure. There's also Comedy Pro Shop on Sunday, and a party...what to do, what to do? The eternal question. I'm toying with auditioning for Mortified myself; when I was little I started the RNM newsletter, which stood for "Rachel Needs Money" and was a very early zine. I'm talking like 8, 9 years old, and I put out a few issues, mailing them to my mom's friends along with coupons to send me cash and quizzes and trivia and such.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

my $1 Room interview at Gothamist

I interviewed the guys who run The $1 Room, Brad Steuernagel, Cassidy Henehan, and Peter Kassnove, at Gothamist - clearly very far from my finest writing moment, but it's something and I highly recommend their show - tonight, 9 pm, $1, Telephone Bar, 2nd Ave.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Eat It, Just Eat It - my "comedy debut" at Brutal Honesty tonight

Tonight! Wednesday August 17th
A night of tell-all tales hosted by Becky Yamamoto, Giulia Rozzi and Lianne Stokes!

Dishing and divulging about nibblin' too much are: MICHELLE COLLINS! MATT McCARTHY, RACHEL KRAMER BUSSEL and more!!!

At Otto's Shrunken Head, 538 East 14th Street between A & B - FREE!

Plus, I'm bringing snacks (they're part of my act but there'll be leftovers).

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Louis C.K.

I'm interviewing Louis C.K. for Gothamist sometime this week, and normally I would only be interviewing people I've seen perform or read and whose work I know very well, because I consider Gothamist interviews a labor of love so it only makes sense to interview people I'm really into. But someone asked me to do this interview and after watching Louis's upcoming HBO show, in which he was totally hilarious, I'm totally on board BUT I could use some help if anyone has any suggestions of things I should check out about him or things I could ask him about. I have some ideas but any help would be much appreciated (and thanks to those who already responded). After next week I only have 15 more Gothamist interviews to do in September, November and December (I do them every 6 weeks), and I think they're all booked up - don't worry, I have some comedians, including Giulia Rozzi and Christian Finnegan, lined up for upcoming months. I'm all about planning ahead of late for Gothamist, the Voice, etc. so I can work on other projects. Thanks for any help you can provide! You can post in the comments or email me at mail at or if you have my yahoo address.

Sara Schaefer Is Obsessed With You Destroying Her Copy Machine!

At "Sara Schaefer is Obsessed With You", Friday, August 19, a copy machine will die. And one lucky winner will help kill it!


Why? Because it's huge and doesn't work.
Plus, it feels good to destroy something in front of a live audience.

Here's how you enter:

Show us why you deserve to destroy the copy machine!

Submit your funniest, most outrageous true office story, e-mail, voicemail, powerpoint, fax, object, picture, etc. by Wednesday August 17 at 5 p.m. We will choose finalists who will present their entry on stage!

Our celebrity judge, BRIAN HUSKEY (UCB, Best Week Ever, etc.), will join Sara, the S.S.I.O.W.Y. writers, and the audience in picking the winner.

The winner will not only aid in obliterating the copy machine, but he or she will also choose the background music to which said copier will be annihilated. No doubt, an opportunity of a lifetime.

Submit entries to schaefersara at

Juvie Hall Sketch Comedy Theatre
24 Bond Street, btw Bowery & Lafayette

Tickets $8, through Smarttix 212-868-4444,, or at the door

Friday, August 12, 2005

Kevin Randell benefit comedy show

Brad Steurnagel posted this on Friendster:

A Night for Kevin

East Village, New York - Comedians Cary Prusa
(Late Night with Conan OBrien) and Brad
Steuernagel (The $1 Room), invite you to a special
evening of laughs and information to benefit fellow
downtown comedian, Kevin Randell, a favorite of
the Alternative Comedy scene in New York.

Kevin has recently been diagnosed with Apraxia a
disease that affects specific motor skills such as
speech and facial movements. Kevin is without
insurance and is unable to perform comedy to pay
the bills. Please attend A Night for Kevin to raise
awareness for the many who are affected by this
debilitating disease, but especially for our friend

Kevin's Blog

Written and conceived in the spirit of Fernwood
2Nite, A Night for Kevin is a mock benefit for a
fictional East Village comedian. The show also
features Andrea Rosen (Stella), Rob and Mark
(Giant Tuesday), Matt Higgins (Comedy Central),
and Chris Jurek (Laugh Riot).

WHEN: August 15, 8:00 pm
WHERE: Rififi - 332 East 11th Street,
Between First and Second Ave.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Rejection Show lineup (Sept. 13)

Thankfully I'll be back in time cause I love me some Michelle Collins...

The Rejection Show
"Failure is fun!"

The Rejection Show returns to P.S. 122 on Tuesday, September 13th. Season 3
begins with our most explosive rejection fueled line-up yet!!
The Rejection Show is a comedic based event that embraces the rejected and
³turned down² material of writers, comedians, cartoonists, artists, and
human beings whom display their creative "failures" live on stage.

Tremendous Rabbit Productions Presents:

Performance Space 122
150 1st Avenue at 9th St.
or call or visit the P.S. 122 box office at (212) 477-5288


Featuring the rejection of:

(, formerly from Howard Stern)

(, Oscar nominated animator)


(cartoonists, The New Yorker)

And as always, more fun rejection surprises!

Don't miss ME at Brutal Honesty August 17th!

Wednesday August 17th, 9:30 pm
Themed storytelling hosted by Giulia Rozzi, Lianne
Stokes, and Becky Yamamoto. This month's theme is
"Food Issues" with Rachel Kramer Bussel, Tasha
Space, Michelle Collins, and more!
at Otto's Shrunken Head-538 East 14th St. btw
Aves A & B

New Monday night comedy show

Also, Aziz Ansari is guest hosting Welcome to Our Week tonight. I'm on writing lockdown for a while so skipping most shows but that looks like a great lineup. I may go to this on the 22nd if I'm more caught up. I think I saw something about the 29th, with Christian Finnegan (not sure if it's this or something else) too - but hint hint, I'm headlining SMUT at Galapagos on the 29th for those who might want some dirty words instead of the comedy.

8:00pm - FREE SHOW

Tell Your Friends!
at The Lolita Bar
266 Broome St., off of Allen St.
Take the F train to Delancey St.

WITH YOUR MC - Baron Vaughn

* Todd Levin, who is warming up for his upcoming Comedy Central
"Premium Blend" taping.
* Claudia Cogan, from Sirius Radio, Caroline's, the UCB Theatre, and the PIT.
* Liam McEneaney, from Comedy Central's "Premium Blend" and VH1's
"Best Week Ever"
* Victor Varnado, from the Eddie Murphy movie "Pluto Nash," the
Schwarzenegger film "End of Days," and seen on "Premium Blend," and
"Jimmy Kimmel Live!"
* Andy Borowitz, cocreator "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," and seen on
"Best Week Ever," CNN, NPR, and in the pages of The New Yorker and The
NY Times

AND WITH OUR HOUSE BAND - A Brief View of the Hudson, a folk-rock duo
that blows away audiences at every show they've played. They've
performed here in the USA, and abroad, and last year did an in-store
appearance at Amoeba Records in LA. We're very lucky they've agreed
to open this show.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Obviously my opinion differs

There are few things worse than being introduced to stand-up comics. Struggling stand-up comedians are universally unfunny in person and only marginally funny onstage.

Oh, wait, another Blacktabler has this to say (and of course, I know both Aileen Gallagher, who wrote the piece linked to above, and Joel Keller, who wrote about cheap dating options:

But what if you're not funny? Or you are funny, but find it hard to be funny in a tense situation like a first date? No problem; you can show your date that you at least appreciate humor by taking her to a comedy club. Go during open mike night; the admission is cheaper, and the "unintentional comedy" factor is high. If you don't want to pay the two-drink minimum, take your date to an improv show. It seems more sophisticated than plain old stand-up and only costs a few bucks for a ticket. (And for those of you who are thinking "Improv? They only have that in the big cities," fire up Google one more time. There are Comedy Sportz branches everywhere. What, you think you'd be able to get away without doing a little research?)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

free teddy grahams are the best kind

Becky and Claudia's Supreme Offering
Hosted by comical roommates Claudia Cogan and Becky Poole

Featuring, in order of Fake Social Security Number:
Charles Star (039-02-1064)
Jessica Wood (134-34-5453)
Amanda Melson (401-02-1982)
Sean O'Conner (696-96-9697)
and Will McKinley (999-99-9999)

Special bonus: a reading of notes to us from our landlord.

Enjoy free Teddy Grahams during the show and stay for liquor give
aways at the end of the night. Why do we do it? Because we like you.
We really like you!!!

Wednesday, August 10th at 8:00 PM
at The Graham Lounge
312 Graham Ave (b/w Devoe and Ainslie)
L train to Graham Ave (3rd stop in Brooklyn)
Walk a block and a half south on Graham and you are least
for the night.
No Cover – No Minimum – No Problem

Reminder! We're twice a month -- next show is August 24th.

Comedians, if you want to be booked for future shows, let us know.

-Claudia and Becky

Monday, August 08, 2005

Chicks and Giggles tomorrow

Chicks and Giggles is now every freaking Tuesday, so you have no excuse not to come. 8:30PM at Raga (433 East 6th Street)
Come laugh with the funniest females where high heels and high maintenance are outlawed!

Chicks and Giggles blog

Laura Mannino will be the lovely host.

Michelle Buteau (Premium Blend)

Ana Carolina (Gotham)

Gayle Crispin (Caroline's)

Jess Delfino (Apocalypse Lounge)

Christina McGrath (Stand Up New York)

Molly Reisner (Brooklyn Comedy Co.)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Girls vs. Boys Battle of the Indie Rock Bands REMATCH

Girls vs. Boys: Battle of the Indie Rock Bands -- The Re-Match!
Wednesday, August 17th, 8:00pm to midnight @Sin-e
150 Attorney St. b/w Houston & Stanton
F to Second Ave. or Delancey St. or J/M/Z to Essex St.
$8 cover (includes Girls vs. Boys sampler CD!)
Listen to tracks from the battling bands at
Girls vs. Boys is a battle of the sexes via indie punk-pop-rock music...
two female-fronted bands vs. two male-fronted bands. The battle is judged
American Idol-style by local celebrity judges. On August 17th, it's a Girls
vs. Boys re-match! The Defending Champion Girls Team returns to take on
two new "boy bands". This time around, the bands will win prizes from
sponsors including Guitar & Bass Boutique, Drummer's World,
HurryDate and K.E. Haas Salon.


In between solving their Rubik's cube and messing around on MySpace,
The Oggs found the time to produce "radiotherapy." - an intense and honest
11 song diary of rock 'n roll whimsy. Kill the lights, kill the radio, and
set aside 36 minutes and 20 seconds of therapy time with The Oggs.
The Dopes serve up a rawly entertaining slab of energetic
New York brat-rock that has its sonic roots in the raucous glory days
of the Dead Boys, Pistols, Heartbreakers, and New York Dolls.


If Debbie Harry shoved her way onstage during a Green Day
show, the sound would closely resemble The Domestics. Retaining
their punk edge, this female-fronted four-piece from Brooklyn
churns out carefully crafted power pop songs.
The Marianne Pillsburys play punky pop-rock with cleverly-crafted,
hook-laden melodies and brash, witty, tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Think: Liz
Phair and Juliana Hatfield take a raucous road trip, picking up
hitchhiking members of The Pixies and Elastica along the way.

Indie promoter KERRI BLACK who has worked with The Strokes, Wheatus,
The Rosenbergs and Longwave --
Mystery guest JUDGE EDELWEISS -- our very own Simon Cowell
(who prefers to judge anonymously...hmmmm...)
Another very special guest judge (of the female persuasion) TBA
Another very special guest judge (of the male persuasion) TBA

SUSIE FELBER -- Copy jockey for Court TV and contributor to
US Weekly's Fashion Police, Susie has written for Comedy Central
and appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

NEW YORK GUITAR & BASS BOUTIQUE -- 746 9th Ave. b/w 50th & 51st St. -- Guitar set-ups for the winning bands!
DRUMMER'S WORLD -- 151 West 46th St. #3 b/w 6th & 7th Aves. -- Gift certificates for the winning bands!
HURRY DATE -- -- Free passes to HurryDate parties
for the Band Most In Need of Dates. At a HurryDate party you©ˆll go on
oodles of real, live four-minute dates in one night. It©ˆs a blast!
K.E. HAAS SALON -- 40 Clinton St. NYC 212.228.2550
Get a rock star haircut at the Lower East Side's hottest new salon!
RHEINGOLD BEER -- specials.
Girls vs. Boys is brought to you by...
Average White Girl Records & The Marianne Pillsburys

Visit and become our friend.

Shark Show Saturday

One day far into the future I really will attend this show, or maybe even later this month.

HE SHARK SHOW wants you to SHARK Up Your Summer with another Saturday night of good laughs, great comedy and cheap drinks at our favorite funnybox on the Lower East Side, The Parkside Lounge, 317 E Houston Street (corner of Attorney St.) this week.
The Sharkfellas are proud top present an all-new show, featuring these terrific guests...
**Back from Central America, the comedy of TODD WOMACK
**Wildcard laughs from the fantastic CHRIS JUREK
**Top-shelf standup from the lovely and talented RUSTY WARD
**PLUS a scathing "Mid-Show Review" from the NY Times' own JESSE MCKINLEY
**ALL THIS and more! Yes, more! brought to you by your hosts and houseband; NICK STEVENS, GABE MCKINLEY & DAN GABA, with RYAN W. GATES on lights, sound and the iTunes of Doom!
**In the mood for an adult refreshment? Come early and take advantage of The Parkside Lounge's 7-hour Happy Hour, with $3 domestic brews and well drinks from 1-8pm, or stay late and pretend your invincible to beer with the cast and crew at our "Shark-After-Dark" party.

You know where we are. You know what we do. Join us if you can. It's always a good time for $5. You can't have much more fun at that price, unless a friend were to sell you a new Mercedes, his home in the Bahamas and a case of rum for $5. But that's not gonna happen. At least not this week. So see you Saturday at...

Comedy That Bites
Every Saturday Night
The Parkside Lounge
317 E Houston Street
Show - 8pm
Door - $5

A show I CAN 100% endorse!

Comedy Pro Shop is fast becoming my favorite weekly show. I still totally heart Welcome to Our Week but have had other things to do on recent Thursdays. I love the comics and the vibe of Pro Shop - as opposed to its title, the mood is really relaxed. Everyone's super funny but there's nothing awkward as an audience member about it. Plus it's a great way for me to ease from weekend into week. Anyway, here's the scoop from host Rob Paravonian:

Hey Everyone!

I hope you're all having a wonderful summer. Mine has been great. I
went on vacation to Afghanistan. (O.K., not really a vacation but it
was an amazing trip. There are some stories and pics at my blog if
you're interested.

But now I'm back stateside ready to rock out on Sunday nights in the
East Village with some great comedy American-style! And believe it or
not. it was a year ago this month that the Pro Shop started up on the
upper west side! We'll be having an official anniversary show next
month when some of our producer types get back in town, but for now
we'll be celebrating by having great lineups all month!

And Sin Sin has kick ass AC so you can chill out, cool off, and laugh
at either the comics or the pedestrians passing by that are sweating
their gonads off.

Hope to see you soon!

Show info:

The Comedy Pro Shop
Seating at 8pm, show at 8:30
Sin Sin
248 E. 5th St. (right on the corner of 2nd Ave)

August 7th lineup:

John Mooney from Premium Blend
Susan Prekel from the Montreal Comedy Festival
Leo Allen from Comedy Central Presents and more!
and more!

August 14th folks:

Mark Giordano
Pat O'Shea Freddy's Back Room
Lee Camp XM Radio
Liz Miele Improv, Laugh Lounge
and more!

Another show I've never heard of before today

Yes, I am that totally lame girl who will post ANYTHING here. No, really, someday I will get more discerning and do real show writeups but I have nooooo time for anything lately, let alone going to too many shows or real blogging so this will have to suffice - there are a ton of links on the left (or above) to keep you busy with comedy blog-o-rama, or just visit The Apiary, who's an infinitely better comedy blogger than I will ever be. Can you tell I'm in dire need of a vacation or what? At least I'm getting out of this evil city tomorrow for a few days.

My Pony’s in the Garage

My Pony’s in the Garage is a darkly funny one-woman show written and
performed by acclaimed comedian Eileen Kelly. From electrocution and accidental
overdose to hand-me-downs and family pets, her reflection on childhood and
parenting is reminiscent of David Sedaris.

Kelly uses monologues, music and snapshots to create a comical and
bittersweet theater experience. Her stories, while laugh-out-loud funny, also invoke
nostalgia for a time when children played outside until dark, when families
sat around a table for dinner and when imagination reigned supreme in toy-land.
Kelly mixes witty sarcasm and self-deprecating humor to show the unshakable
bonds created as families face challenges together.

Eileen Kelly was recently a semi-finalist in Nick at Nite’s “Funniest Mom
in America” contest and was also featured in the Newark Star Ledger for her
work. Other television performances have included her work as a “Momic,” or
mom-comic, in NBC’s Live at Five “Mom’s Cracking Up.” She’s a mother of
one year-old twins.

My Pony’s in the Garage was staged as a reading at The Tank last year to
sold-out audiences, and Eileen Kelly is back with a full-scale production
directed by critically-acclaimed Bootleg Islam director Kimmy Gatewood. Don’t miss
out on this very funny look at childhood rites of passage. We would love
for you to consider a piece about Kelly and the show to run in correspondence
with the NY Fringe Festival, where the show is one of this years’ official


279 Church Street
(Between White & Franklin Sts.)

Saturday 8/13 @ 2:15-3:15p
Saturday 8/20 @ 3:45-4:45p
Monday 8/22 @ 3:30-4:30p
Tuesday 8/23 @ 5:00-6:00p
Thursday 8/25 @ 11:p-12:15am
Friday 8/26 @ 7:15-8:15p

Champange, the sketch comedy duo, not the alcoholic beverage

(Please note, for this and plenty of other things I post, especially those that aren't local, I have no idea what this is but it magically landed in my inbox, so I am not so much endorsing it as passing along the info. Even though I'll be unable to attend, I do wholeheartedly endorse you going to see Baron Vaughn's one man show "Actor. Comedian. Negro." tonight or the 6th or 7th, as part of the Midtown Theatre Festival.)

Phone: 1-800-838-3006


AUGUST 4, NEW YORK – Seattle sketch comedy duo
Champagne bring their critically acclaimed show
to New York City for one night only: Friday,
August 26 at 11:00PM; at The PIT, 154 W. 29th
Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues).

Mike Daisey, author of “21 Dog Years: Doing Time
@” said that Champagne is: “Immensely
delightful. They made me miss doing sketch, which
takes some doing--sketch can be a cruel mistress,
but when it all goes right with genius and precision it's absolutely fabulous.”

Champagne is Troy Fischnaller and Dusty Warren,
two members of Seattle’s acclaimed sketch group,
Flaming Box of Stuff, as well as being founding
members of Some Kind of Cult (HBO’s Sketch Pad
2). They have performed all over the country with
both groups, but this is the New York premiere of their brand new show.

The show is produced by Elizabeth Ellis, Becky
Poole, and Alexander Zalben, the team behind this
past June’s SketchFest NYC (

Tickets are $8, and can be purchased at, or by calling 1-800-838-3006.

You can learn more about Champagne by visiting

WHAT: Champagne
WHEN: August 26 at 11:00PM
WHERE: The People’s Improv Theater (The PIT); 154
W. 29th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues)
1-800-838-3006; Tickets are $8; industry comps available.

from Jessi Klein to you

This week Jessi and Nick will host a comedy show. It
will be very funny. Please come to the show.
Seriously, no f-in around.

The lineup is superb with an nutty, citrus
after-essence :

Demetri Martin - wtow first timer. he's one of the
funniest guys around. For realsies, we guarantee you
will find him unbelievablely funny/smart/attractive

Todd Womack - fresh from guiding kids around central
america, he's been on VH1, Bravo and a TNT promo w/
the great Jerry Orbach. a wtow fave.

Margot Leitman - she's all over the place. just
finished a hit run of her one woman show "Just Here
for the Day" at UCB Theater

Todd Levin - ooh boy, he's good. Host of the super
show How to Kick People and the upcoming season of
Premium Blend!


Welcome to Our Week
co-hosted by Nick Kroll and Jessi Klein

Thursday, August 4th (holy f, its august) 8pm
Rififi (cinema classics)
332 E 11th st
1 drink minimum

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sexy, Fearsome Comedy August 14th

Shayna Ferm just let me know about Fearsome Comedy, who are having a fabulous-sounding sexy comedy show on August 14th at West Bank Cafe, billed as "The Sexiest, Sketchiest Singles Soiree This Side of the Solar System" - get the details here. They also have a blog, but of course.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I'm the last to know

Comedy Central started a blog

Had fun in the crazy heat at Sibera last night for the Drink at Work party. Shayna Ferm was hilarious with her dirty songs ("Come on Me") and such.

In other news, I interviewed the awesome and super funny Bex Schwartz today at Gothamist - read it!