Friday, August 19, 2005

I heart The Apiary

Nate at The Apiary is the total bestest. He rocks and totally made my day with his interview with me about doing Brutal Honesty. I'm so touched by people telling me I was funny. I just may totally embarrass myself (all in preparation for the constantly-postponed-but-I'm-promised-it-WILL-happen Movies I Made As A Kid Film Festival) by reading from my RNM ("Rachel Needs Money") newsletter someday at Mortified. And I don't just heart The Apiary cause Nate wrote about me; Jeff Mac and Baron Vaughn can attest that I was enthusing about the site outside Rififi (where I got carded - WTF? I've never been carded there or seen a doorman before) last night. We also got mildly chastised for talking too loudly (shocking, I know).


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