Friday, August 19, 2005

Welcome to HIS Week

This will have to be ultra brief. I haven't been to many comedy shows lately, trying to do that crazy thing called W-R-I-T-I-N-G, but managed to make it an hour late to Welcome to Our Week last night. Someone I don't know (his name might be Jon Mullaney???) was introducing the comics. I got to catch the always funny Jeff Mac ripping on 35-year-old Harry Potter fans ("I get it, I get it - you're childlike and whimsical!") and Chelsea Peretti on stewardesses, flying, hot guys, and some wicked impressions.

But the big news, or maybe this is old news but it was new to me, is that Jessi Klein is now in LA working on some project (I missed the part where this was announced so heard it secondhand from Jeff and Baron Vaughn and Eric Andre), so Nick Kroll will now be hosting the show. That's sad...I mean, good for Jessi, but I always loved their banter and unique interplay. Wonder what it will be like now? I have totally missed that show though, hadn't been in like two months and it was great, even though I think I insulted Jeff when we were all standing outside talking when I said, "You know, the best comedy seems to happen on the sidewalk outside of shows," which I stand by, but that doesn't mean he wasn't funny onstage. I miss going to comedy shows, but that'll largely have to wait till I'm back from Turkey.

Everyone I know practically is going to Mortified on Sunday. I may try to go, not sure. There's also Comedy Pro Shop on Sunday, and a party...what to do, what to do? The eternal question. I'm toying with auditioning for Mortified myself; when I was little I started the RNM newsletter, which stood for "Rachel Needs Money" and was a very early zine. I'm talking like 8, 9 years old, and I put out a few issues, mailing them to my mom's friends along with coupons to send me cash and quizzes and trivia and such.


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