Saturday, August 13, 2005

Louis C.K.

I'm interviewing Louis C.K. for Gothamist sometime this week, and normally I would only be interviewing people I've seen perform or read and whose work I know very well, because I consider Gothamist interviews a labor of love so it only makes sense to interview people I'm really into. But someone asked me to do this interview and after watching Louis's upcoming HBO show, in which he was totally hilarious, I'm totally on board BUT I could use some help if anyone has any suggestions of things I should check out about him or things I could ask him about. I have some ideas but any help would be much appreciated (and thanks to those who already responded). After next week I only have 15 more Gothamist interviews to do in September, November and December (I do them every 6 weeks), and I think they're all booked up - don't worry, I have some comedians, including Giulia Rozzi and Christian Finnegan, lined up for upcoming months. I'm all about planning ahead of late for Gothamist, the Voice, etc. so I can work on other projects. Thanks for any help you can provide! You can post in the comments or email me at mail at or if you have my yahoo address.


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