Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Obviously my opinion differs

There are few things worse than being introduced to stand-up comics. Struggling stand-up comedians are universally unfunny in person and only marginally funny onstage.

Oh, wait, another Blacktabler has this to say (and of course, I know both Aileen Gallagher, who wrote the piece linked to above, and Joel Keller, who wrote about cheap dating options:

But what if you're not funny? Or you are funny, but find it hard to be funny in a tense situation like a first date? No problem; you can show your date that you at least appreciate humor by taking her to a comedy club. Go during open mike night; the admission is cheaper, and the "unintentional comedy" factor is high. If you don't want to pay the two-drink minimum, take your date to an improv show. It seems more sophisticated than plain old stand-up and only costs a few bucks for a ticket. (And for those of you who are thinking "Improv? They only have that in the big cities," fire up Google one more time. There are Comedy Sportz branches everywhere. What, you think you'd be able to get away without doing a little research?)


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