Thursday, August 04, 2005

A show I CAN 100% endorse!

Comedy Pro Shop is fast becoming my favorite weekly show. I still totally heart Welcome to Our Week but have had other things to do on recent Thursdays. I love the comics and the vibe of Pro Shop - as opposed to its title, the mood is really relaxed. Everyone's super funny but there's nothing awkward as an audience member about it. Plus it's a great way for me to ease from weekend into week. Anyway, here's the scoop from host Rob Paravonian:

Hey Everyone!

I hope you're all having a wonderful summer. Mine has been great. I
went on vacation to Afghanistan. (O.K., not really a vacation but it
was an amazing trip. There are some stories and pics at my blog if
you're interested.

But now I'm back stateside ready to rock out on Sunday nights in the
East Village with some great comedy American-style! And believe it or
not. it was a year ago this month that the Pro Shop started up on the
upper west side! We'll be having an official anniversary show next
month when some of our producer types get back in town, but for now
we'll be celebrating by having great lineups all month!

And Sin Sin has kick ass AC so you can chill out, cool off, and laugh
at either the comics or the pedestrians passing by that are sweating
their gonads off.

Hope to see you soon!

Show info:

The Comedy Pro Shop
Seating at 8pm, show at 8:30
Sin Sin
248 E. 5th St. (right on the corner of 2nd Ave)

August 7th lineup:

John Mooney from Premium Blend
Susan Prekel from the Montreal Comedy Festival
Leo Allen from Comedy Central Presents and more!
and more!

August 14th folks:

Mark Giordano
Pat O'Shea Freddy's Back Room
Lee Camp XM Radio
Liz Miele Improv, Laugh Lounge
and more!


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