Friday, July 29, 2005

or maybe just happy

Alan Fessenden's I Think I'm Dumb and Becky Yamamoto's Something Something Hope

Best part is the photo, a must click - see above URL for details, I may try to go in 2 weeks

Are you an American?  Still wondering how to earn your First Million?  Wanna know how to talk to the Ladies?  Ever try to prove to your friend how not racist you are?  Well than Alan Fessenden believes that I Think I’m Dumb is the show for you. Alan is an average guy who happens to think he’s dumber than you. I think I’m Dumb is a smart comedy written and performed by Alan Fessenden. Developed to explore his own stupidity on an array of subjects such as women, race relations and foreign cultures; I think I’m Dumb is edgy, risky and honest comedy about people you know and the things they say when you’re not looking.

In Something Something Hope A wannabe rock star/comedian Becky Yamamoto meets her nemesis/true inspiration a jingoistic and hopeful yet world weary Carnival Cruise Ship singer (Rosie McDavis) on a mysterious Carnival Cruise ship, the SS Hope: a ship that cruises in the seas of dreams and imagination. Through song, dream sequences and confession, Becky and Rosie ride the rough seas of relationship and face the storm that is “showbiz”.  Becky tries her best to keep a happy face, while Rosie shows her best Hollywood teeth smile clad in sequin.  The battle of gloomy pessimism and an undying, unrealistic hope takes place aboard a lovely Carnival Cruise line shi


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