Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Did you know Chicks & Giggles is now weekly?

Why diet when you can come laugh your butt off? See YOU on Tuesday!

Next show: Tuesday, August 2
8:30 pm
433 East 6th Street (1st/A)

Featuring Fantastic Funnies from:

Carolyn Castiglia <> is hostin' it up per usual!

Vicky Bond (Brooklyn Comedy Co.)

Nikki Chawla<>(New York Comedy Club)

Claudia Cogan <> (Becky and Claudia's Supreme Offering)

Emily Epstein <>(Laugh Lounge)

Correne Kristiansen <> (Saturday Night Live)
Rachael Parenta <> ($1 Room)

And, back from her stint with the red-headed Partridge... Bex Schwartz!

Check out the pictures from last night's show:


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