Thursday, July 28, 2005

Saturday - Shark Show + Pink Steel

I already posted about the Pink Steel part (cupcakes, people, cupcakes!) but here's the Shark Show info, copied and pasted directly from their newsletter:


We Beat The Heat, But No Rest For The Wicked.
You're in town. You're looking for something to do on a summer Saturday night that kicks serious ass. And you don't want to spend a ton of money doing it. And who would? Only a-holes spend tons of money "doing it". A-holes and Thai men. ANYWAY...
Have we got some fun for you. In fact, we've got a night full of so much fun for you, you may have to take a kick-ass break starting Sunday. Which is fine by us. So long as you rock this Saturday at THE SHARK SHOW, Live from The Parkside Lounge, 317 E Houston Street (corner of Attorney St.) @ 8pm. For just $5, you got over an hour of all-new comedy from THE SHARK SHOW guys and this week's special guests...
**If he ran for mayor, since he knows everyone and is funny, he'd do well - SETH HERZOG
**A funny dude making his return to the show - MATT GOLDICH
**New to the show, but no stranger to funny - SCEN WECHSLER
**Proudly brought to you by your hosts and houseband; NICK STEVENS, GABE MCKINLEY, DAN GABA & ARI VOUKYDIS, with RYAN W. GATES on lights, sound and the itunes of Doom.
And here's where the show, and this email, really get rocking,, with parties and plugs...
**Stick around post-show and celebrate SHARK SHOW grandpa Dan Gaba's thirty-third birthday. Yup, it's the olde triple-triple for the senior member of The Shark. In lieu of flowers, Dan asks that you bring cans of Ensure and Centrum Silver multi-vitamin bottles for his old bones. His birth anniversary shall be the highlight of yet another delightful SHARK-AFTER-DARK party.
**PLUS - following our show, at The Parkside, is one of our favorite bands in the world, the men that present heavy metal at its gayest - PINK STEEL ( Udo and Hanson will be fighting for cock from 10pm on, and chances are, if you see THE SHARK SHOW and want to stick around for German acoustiporn for a while, everyone will end up a winner...and gay.


Blogger ken said...

One last thing, dear RKB...the PINK STEEL show is also a special birthday show for PS guitarist Udo Von DuYu! With erotic cake from everyone's cupcake pals Sugar Sweet Sunshine! Details at Und thanks for the post! GTFSU, PS

11:33 AM  

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