Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another show I've never heard of before today

Yes, I am that totally lame girl who will post ANYTHING here. No, really, someday I will get more discerning and do real show writeups but I have nooooo time for anything lately, let alone going to too many shows or real blogging so this will have to suffice - there are a ton of links on the left (or above) to keep you busy with comedy blog-o-rama, or just visit The Apiary, who's an infinitely better comedy blogger than I will ever be. Can you tell I'm in dire need of a vacation or what? At least I'm getting out of this evil city tomorrow for a few days.

My Pony’s in the Garage

My Pony’s in the Garage is a darkly funny one-woman show written and
performed by acclaimed comedian Eileen Kelly. From electrocution and accidental
overdose to hand-me-downs and family pets, her reflection on childhood and
parenting is reminiscent of David Sedaris.

Kelly uses monologues, music and snapshots to create a comical and
bittersweet theater experience. Her stories, while laugh-out-loud funny, also invoke
nostalgia for a time when children played outside until dark, when families
sat around a table for dinner and when imagination reigned supreme in toy-land.
Kelly mixes witty sarcasm and self-deprecating humor to show the unshakable
bonds created as families face challenges together.

Eileen Kelly was recently a semi-finalist in Nick at Nite’s “Funniest Mom
in America” contest and was also featured in the Newark Star Ledger for her
work. Other television performances have included her work as a “Momic,” or
mom-comic, in NBC’s Live at Five “Mom’s Cracking Up.” She’s a mother of
one year-old twins.

My Pony’s in the Garage was staged as a reading at The Tank last year to
sold-out audiences, and Eileen Kelly is back with a full-scale production
directed by critically-acclaimed Bootleg Islam director Kimmy Gatewood. Don’t miss
out on this very funny look at childhood rites of passage. We would love
for you to consider a piece about Kelly and the show to run in correspondence
with the NY Fringe Festival, where the show is one of this years’ official


279 Church Street
(Between White & Franklin Sts.)

Saturday 8/13 @ 2:15-3:15p
Saturday 8/20 @ 3:45-4:45p
Monday 8/22 @ 3:30-4:30p
Tuesday 8/23 @ 5:00-6:00p
Thursday 8/25 @ 11:p-12:15am
Friday 8/26 @ 7:15-8:15p


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