Thursday, August 04, 2005

from Jessi Klein to you

This week Jessi and Nick will host a comedy show. It
will be very funny. Please come to the show.
Seriously, no f-in around.

The lineup is superb with an nutty, citrus
after-essence :

Demetri Martin - wtow first timer. he's one of the
funniest guys around. For realsies, we guarantee you
will find him unbelievablely funny/smart/attractive

Todd Womack - fresh from guiding kids around central
america, he's been on VH1, Bravo and a TNT promo w/
the great Jerry Orbach. a wtow fave.

Margot Leitman - she's all over the place. just
finished a hit run of her one woman show "Just Here
for the Day" at UCB Theater

Todd Levin - ooh boy, he's good. Host of the super
show How to Kick People and the upcoming season of
Premium Blend!


Welcome to Our Week
co-hosted by Nick Kroll and Jessi Klein

Thursday, August 4th (holy f, its august) 8pm
Rififi (cinema classics)
332 E 11th st
1 drink minimum


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