Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A belated happy birthday...

to Sara Jo Allocco, super star and Miss Adorable. Meeting her and Brandy this year (was it only this year???) was so one of the highlights of my 2006 and being in their Take This Job and Shove It and dancing and all the silliness and Sara rocking In The Flesh...all wowed me. So much love all around. Also, so much HOTNESS!!

Photo by the amazingly talented Anya Garrett, comedic photographer extraordinaire

New Year's

Seth Herzog's Annual New Year's Bash sounds like something I might like. Otherwise I am probably staying home for New Year's (yes, me, just kinda not in the mood). And I've never seen Sweet (for real), so maybe I will check it out. Lately I cannot make plans in advance so have no idea but I heard the LVHRDers so anything they endorse has gotta be fun.

What other comedyness is going on? (That's really a sign of an awful comedy blogger, instead of telling you what's going on, I'm asking, but, well, I figure the four of you reading this might know of something cool.) I could use some laughing right about now.

Your post-holiday gift to yourself

And yes, I know I've been a terrible comedy fan and have barely gone to any shows of late. Have not so much been in the mood to laugh but new year, new attempt to be a good comedy blogger and laugh until I pee in my pants. I mean, almost pee in my pants.

Now that you've survived (or thrived or gorged yourselves) the holidays, you deserve a treat, and what better one than comedian Bob Powers's new book Happy Cruelty Day! Daily Celebrations of Quiet Desperation? I suggest carrying it around with you and looking up whoever you encounter's birthday and seeing what terrible fate befalls them. Will it be "Your High School Girlfriend Is Now An Ass Model Day?" or "Just Because You Can't Remember Anything About Last Night, It Doesn't Necessarily Mean That You're An Alcoholic Day" or "Date a Wizard Day" Or "Hot Date With a Conspiracy Theorist Day" or simply "Your Commemorative 9/11 Bong Is In Poor Taste And You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself Day?" Find your own at but really do yourself a favor and check out the book. I had to finally put it away cause it was hurting me from laughing too much. See also: Susie Felber's interview with Bob at CC Insider.

I also plan to interview Bob because I simply must get the scoop on his Publishers Weekly review. Also: Book party Thursday, January 25th at 7:30 pm at Mo Pitkins, 34 Avenue A.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Breastacular tonight!

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Or, part 1 of "Breasts! Breasts! Breasts!"

There will be free holiday punch and Ho Hos!
There might even be elves. Maybe.

Adira Amram
Katherine Bryant
Shayna Ferm
Kimmy Gatewood
Becky Yamamoto

The Pit is located at
154 W 29th St (btwn 6th and 7th)
2nd Floor