Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Character Tonight!

November 30

CHARACTER: People You Wouldn't Invite to Dinner

MO PITKINS - 34 Ave. A between 2nd and 3rd Streets

8:00 PM


An evening of character comedy and sketch by New York's funniest f*cks.

We're like your college girlfriend: You'll love laughing at us, but you wouldn't want to bring us home to Mom.

Out of the minds of babes... Carolyn Castiglia and Lianne Stokes.

Also Featuring:
Brandy and Sara (The PIT)
Nick Stevens (The Shark Show)
Baron Vaughn (Actor. Comedian. Negro.)
Billy Wood (The Social)
Becky Yamamoto (Welcome to Our Week)

How To Kick People TONIGHT

Wednesday Nov 30, 2005
at 7:30 PM

101 E. 15th Street, Basement Level
New York, NY 10033

How to Kick People, the Nation's Greatest Comedy Reading Show – Tonight, 11/30

This Wednesday, November 30th, it's HOW TO KICK PEOPLE IS A DAMN LIAR.

Our last show of the year with one of our best lineups of the year at a special, one-time-only venue.

Wednesday, November 30th at 7:30 PM.
ADMISSION: $5 dollars, plus two drinks

This month's show is all about lies. Whether it's a lie told to get ahead, to get out of a jam, or because someone partially-dressed just grabbed you by the face and commanded you to "lie to me. Tell me some
lies and I'm yours forever."

Our fantastic lineup includes:

- Author of The Areas of My Expertise, JOHN HODGMAN
- Former editor of The Onion, CAROL KOLB
- Actress/comedian, SUSIE FELBER

and music from

The audience will be drinking drinks and playing head-games right along with the guests and hosts.

Don't miss Bob and Todd's last show of the year. (Even TimeOut Magazine listed the show as a "Don't Miss" event, and they're professionals in this kind of matter.) We'll be back at Mo Pitkin's at the end of January, so please help us trash this other venue tonight.

more details here:

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Becky Donohue's 5 Stages of Bombing

Read and laugh (or weep) accordingly: Becky Donohue's 5 Stages of Bombing

Chicks and Gaygles tonight!

Chicks & Gaygles
Tuesday Nov. 29th @ 8:30pm
Mo Pitkins (34 Avenue A. b/w 2nd & 3rd)
$10 suggested donation, proceeds go to GODS LOVE WE DELIVER
featuring Claudia Cogan, MCC, Shannon Ennis, Shawn Hollenbach, Poppi
Kramer & Allen Warnock. Hosted by Carolyn Castiglia

Monday, November 28, 2005

Todd Levin and Michelle Buteau on Premium Blend this Friday

Woo-hoo! Congratulations to our local comedian friends Todd Levin and Michelle Buteau, who are both on Premium Blend this Friday. Maybe I'll get to see the show for the very first time. Sorry for the lack of posts, been on a bit of a comedy hiatus.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

mini with raspberry

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Swift 11/21

I'm posting Matt Goldich's whole email, as a nod to the super hilarious Todd Levin. That joke will really only make sense if you were at my bday party. I'll be speaking at a panel on pornography on Monday so can't make it, but you should go!


i'd really appreciate it if you guys could plug my show at swift on
chris jurek (my usual co-host) will be in minnesota unfortunately but
have a great lineup and we will soldier on without him. here are the

Monday, November 21, 2005
Twin Killing
Hosted by Matt Goldich
Featuring: Joe DeVito, Cary Prusa, Baron Vaughn, Rusty Ward, and Rena
34 E. 4th Street (between Bowery and Lafayette)
8:30 pm

also...definitely come by and check out the show!


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Lang and Jon make me laugh

Lang and Jon
Originally uploaded by rkb1.
Lang and the other members of The Wiener Philharmonic acted out lines from Overheard in New York last night at The Rejection Show. Lots more hilarity too, full recap coming soon but suffice it to say it was a great big show full of nudity, music, cartoons, a leprechaun, ham and a talk show audience reject.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Last Rejection Show of 2005 is tonight!

And it's a great, great lineup, I'm especially excited for the Overheard part. To be fair to Nichelle, since there was some very friendly talk about it last night, tonight is also Chicks and Giggles, her awesome weekly women's comedy show at Mo Pitkin's.

Performance Space 122
150 1st Avenue at 9th St.
or call or visit the P.S. 122 box office at (212) 477-5288
Featuring the rejections of:

presenting rejections from the popular website soon to be a book
with "Overheard" favorites reenacted by sketch comedy powerhouse,
The Wiener Philharmonic

presenting rejections from the popular website

Permanently banned from the audience of CNN TALK BACK LIVE

'Monster Team' rejected from Adult Swim on Cartoon Network


Monday, November 14, 2005

Claudia Cogan totally makes me laugh

Claudia eats a cookie
Originally uploaded by rkb1.
Claudia is super funny and a great friend. She cracked us all up at my birthday party, then she pulled out some major jokes at fellow comic EDP's engagement party. She was even funny while eating a cookie, and vamping on Queens Boulevard.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Jules, on the right, is totally fucking hilarious

Originally uploaded by brianvan.
Check out her blog, The Bruni Digest

"Poached black cod was unusually dry one time, wonderfully silken the next. It came with a mustard bread pudding that found D'or Ahn on the desirable side of that fence."

WHAT FENCE?? that's right, it's the fence between inventiveness and affectation, located in the town of Irrelevantville, in the County of YourRestaurantStillBlows, in the province of ButIDon'tKnowHowToSayThatSimply,ThankGod.

And yo, check it out, I'm not the only one who thinks so (I mean, I knew that, but she just got some major press): USA Today story on Bruni Digest - an AP article that was also published on Yahoo! and in Newsday, Boston Herald, etc.

Girls Are Pretty

So I've known Bob Powers for maybe a year now, and know that I have been to his site, but it wasn't until yesterday that I really went and laughed my head off. Go to GIRLS ARE PRETTY and laugh your head off too. Every single day Bob tells you what holiday it is, and next fall his book Happy Cruelty Day comes out - I think that will make a great gift for anyone you absolutely hate!

My birthday was Pretend You Know Where There Are Some Drugs Day and Saturday was Take Your Cats To The Observation Deck Of A Skyscraper Day! Who else could come up with such wonderful, nonsensical holidays?

Kevin Nealon on tour

Kansas City Star on Kevin Nealon:

Besides touring, Nealon is working on a comedy book for superstar editor Judith Regan and was in the cast of “Weeds,” a series that aired this fall on Showtime. In “Weeds,” Mary Louise Parker plays a suburban mom who sells dope to make ends meet. The show has had critical praise and enough viewers to eclipse Showtime’s overhyped Kirstie Alley comedy “Fat Actress.”

Brutal masturbation honesty

This Wednesday, November 16 at 9:30 PM.
There will be stories of masturbation. I'm guessing there will be some
pretty embarrassing stories. Just guessing.
So, you should be there, and I bet you can take the stories with you in your
brain and laugh and giggle later on.
It'll be fun.
Our guests this week are:

Joe Randazzo
Adam Wade
Michelle Maclay

and as always, hosted by Giulia Rozzi, Lianne Stokes and me, Becky Yamamoto.

Wed, November 16
Otto's Shrunken Head
***this week at 9:30
538 E 14th St between A & B

Comedy Pro Shop, Sunday November 12th

The Pro Shop @Sin Sin
245 5th Street (At the Corner of 2nd Avenue and 5th Street)
New York, NY
Seating @8:30pm
Hosted By Michelle Buteau

Tom McCaffery
(Premium Blend)

Karith Foster
(Premium Blend)

Liz Meile
(The Comic Strip)

Geno Bisconte
(It's Geno@Stand Up New York)

And a few special guest!

Also COLLEGE STUDENTS! Show your ID at the bar and get 2 for 1 Drinks!


If you bring 2 of your friends we will give you a FREE DRINK!

To Claim drinks look for Elon and he'll make sure you're taken care of.

Improv class in Boston November 19th

Lisa Carver is the brilliant writer and performance artist behind Suckdog and has written the excellent book you should all go out and read right now, Drugs Are Nice: A Post-Punk Memoir. She is also on MySpace. AND she is teaching an improv class in Boston November 19th. I got to play her in a skit a few weeks ago, where I made out with a very scantily clad GG Allin, got beer poured down my throat, my dress ripped off and ran off into the audience. If I had taken Lisa's class, maybe I'd have been able to properly make out with and slap strangers across the face. Seriously, check her out, and if you are one of maybe reader of this blog not in NYC, she's touring the West Coast right now. Lisa rocks and is full of amazing energy and heart and power and brains and general chutzpah.

Writing Intensive for Beginners with Lisa Carver
Saturday, November 19, 10 AM - 2 PM, $45 per student

This class is on offer for those of you who have never have written anything but shopping lists, as well as for those of you who find yourselves craving an insurgent breath of very fresh air. It is a vital, hands on, and immediate writing experience crafted to unravel all of the theories and 'shoulds', and get very much in direct contact with your unique voice. Whether your writing projects involve sketch, prose, or articles, Lisa Carver's signature immediacy will propel your skills to another level. Her goal is to peel off the hoary coating of your heart, and no, she doesn't drink in the afternoons.

The last SSIOWY

As has been noted, last night was the very last episode of Sara Schaefer (Is Obsessed With You). It was a good if kindof wacky show. As SSIOWY writer Dan McCoy notes, since Sara just got married she can't be as obsessed with you, and she did not come out and tell us she was obsessed with us. But if you attended the show previously, you got some treats, including several best of and blooper reels, this history of the show, reliving some of the upstairs shows during Amanda Melson's opening monologue which took us through the seal clubbing and lynching plays held directly above the Juvie Hall basement. Then Ross, this guy who's been to every SSIOWY, interviewed the whole cast about high and low moments and that was very cute. There was some copier machine-like destruction going on at the end as Sara sang a heartfelt tribute to, then gave a smackdown to, her copier machine, and we all got little pieces of her cubicle walls.

I had fun and also was like "wow, I missed some good stuff." But I was also grateful to have been there for the shows I did go to; one of the best things about SSIOWY, I think, is that it built on itself. You would go and learn these funny, quirky little tidbits about Sara and the cast and the first time, maybe, you think it's all made up and that she's literally playing Sara Schaefer, but then as time went on you realize that she, as many comics do, brings bits of her real life onto the stage. Plus they gave out free t-shirts at the end, and I of course had to have one.

There were also some statistics dropped, a wheelchair used, a dance number, a very wacky but cute Christmas/Waldo-like shirt worn, beers drank, and lots of laughter. I will certainly miss the show but will be on the lookout for everyone's new projects. Dan is part of Saturday Night Rewritten and Amanda is working on Greg Giraldo's show which can be seen Friday nights on Comedy Central. And on a personal note, last December, whenever Samantha Bee was on, was the first time I attended the show. I had no clue (well, and still barely do because I've still never seen The Daily Show) who Samantha Bee or any of the other people on the show were, but Heidi wanted to go and it sounded cool so some of us went. That seems so long ago and yet it really wasn't. I became pretty obsessed with Sara and SSIOWY myself and got to ask her about her cereal obsession for Gothamist. So keep an eye out on her site, congratulate her on her recent wedding (in Tuscany!), and wish everyone much success as they all become obsessed with other things.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Larry Getlen interviews Sarah Silverman

Yes, it's hot comedian-on-comedian interview action from Sunday's New York Post:

Q: You're in the movie "Rent," which comes out soon.

A: Yes. I sang two songs for my audition and got the only nonsinging role. It's funny, a guy came up to me who saw an early cut of the movie, and he was like, "You're the funniest thing in the movie." And I was so excited, "Oh my god, I'm the funniest thing in the movie," and then I realized - I'm the funniest thing in an AIDS drama. How hard could that be?

Jessi Klein on "walk-of-shame shopping"

Paper magazine asked some writers, including Jessi Klein, Mike Albo, Augusten Burroughs and Periel Aschenbrand about their secret shopping habits. Here's our much-missed Jessi:

We girls pretend to like clothesshopping for a lot of reasons, but really, the truth is that we shop to look cute so that we can get laid. There, I said it...The only kind of shopping I like is the kind André Leon Talley doesn't fax about. It's the kind you do the morning after you get laid--walk-of-shame shopping.

THURSDAY at Rififi

THURSDAY: It's Not a Big Deal
With Nick Kroll and John Mulaney

This week Nick and John welcome the talents of:

Chris Gethard - UCB Star, Actor, Writer and Theologian,
ALSO check out for Chris'book WEIRD NY

Ritch Duncan - Former editor of JEST magazine and a
humanitarian who doesn't judge people by what they

Rob and Mark - Our lovely brothers to the north. North
implies, in this scenario, the show two days

Bryan Olsen - Yearbook 1,2. Debate Team 2,3,4. Club
Italia 1. Club Nice Sandwhiches 1,2. New York Comic
Icon 1,2,3,4.

Brooklyn Comedy Company: They Bring The Funny

Do yourself a favor and go check out the newly revamped Brooklyn Comedy Company website. Great photos and info on their shows, courtesy of Larry Bailey, Michelle Buteau, Baron Vaughn and Elon James White.

My Christian Finnegan interview today on Gothamist

My Christian Finnegan interview on Gothamist today

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

2 Shows Tonight: Chicks & Giggles, Drunken Shakespeare

Tuesday, November 8
Where: Mo Pitkins

The Lineup:

Raquel D'Apice (Stand Up New York)

Kelly Nichols (Caroline's)

Michelle Collins (Heeb Storytelling)

Karith Foster (Premium Blend)

Adrienne Iapalucci (New York Comedy Club)

Correne Kristiansen (Gotham)

Fiona Walsh (Sundays at Seven)

Hosted by our very own Carolyn Castiglia

November 29 will be a special called Chicks and GAYgles with the
funniest gays in town.

December 13 will be our special holiday reading called "Family,
Holidays, WTF?!"

Check out the Chicks and Giggles blog,

Catch Andres du Bouchet and the cast of Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing
Inventions & Also There is a Game!!! as they perform a truncated
version of
'Hamlet'. Drunk. Literally.

Special guests: Tom Shillue & Bob Powers.

Tusday, November 8, 2005
Rififi Cinema Classics
11th Street Between 1st and 2nd Ave
8:00 PM - $5.00

Monday, November 07, 2005

Free Jesus is Magic screening Wednesday at Galapagos

There's a free screening of Sarah Silverman's new movie Jesus is Magic this Wednesday at 8 at Galapagos, sponsored by The L Magazine.

There's also an interview with Sarah at (also interviews with her in Heeb, Entertainment Weekly and a bunch of other mags). (Via

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Tom Shillue on MySpace

I got to see Tom Shillue for the first time the other night (along with about a dozen other comics!) at Laugh Lounge and just discovered that you can hear his "Wrong Side Surgery" bit on his MySpace page. It's very funny, you should check it out.

Anthony Devito shows

Anthony Devito has a bunch of shows coming up:

Wed, Nov 9th – 7pm
538 E 14th St (btwn A & B)

Sunday, Nov. 13 - 8PM
"Sunday Soiree" @ Botanica Bar
47 E. Houston (bet. Mulberry & Mott)

Monday, Nov.14 - 8PM
"Tell Your Friends!" at The Lolita Bar
266 Broome St., off of Allen St.
(F train to Delancey St.) FREE

Thursday, Nov.17 - 8PM
"Audrey Amey's Birthday Show!"
711 7 Ave. / 48th St

COMING UP: Vh1's Top 40 Videos of 2005, premieres Dec. 3rd
And of course, every week in Us Weekly's Fashion Police!

Friday, November 04, 2005


I'm very sad that next Friday November 11th will be the very last Sara Schaefer (Is Obsessed With You), but my newly 30-year-old self will indeed be there for the big farewell.

Rachel Aviv of The Village Voice interviews Aziz Ansari

And once again my Gothamist interview with him gets referenced.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Two Rob and Mark shows

Tuesday November 8th
The Drunken Shakespeare Company Presents: Drunken Hamlet!
8:00PM (It will most likely sell out, so come early)
332 EAST 11th STREET(bt. 1st & 2nd Aves.)
$5.00 and cheap alcohol!


Friday November 11th
The Rob and Mark Show at the Parkside Lounge!
The Parkside Lounge
317 East Houston (bt. B and C)
CHEAP drinks!

Now the details:
Tuesday November 8th
We will be doing an abridged version of Hamlet, drunk. Very drunk. It’s drunken Hamlet. We performed a drunken Romeo and Juliet some time ago to enormous success. Trust me, it’s funny. There has been a bit of buzz with this one, so if you are coming, you might want to show up early.

Friday November 11th
Yup, we are back! In a different venue. With some new songs. A long set from us and some special guest openers, maybe even folks from "Best Week Ever!" On a Friday Night. So now you can come laugh, drink, and stay out till 4 without having to get up the next day.

For more shows check out our website at AND to
hear a little bit of us go to