Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Rob and Mark Show in January

Catch The Rob and Mark Show at their many January gigs!

01/03/2006 08:00 PM - Riffifi/Cinema Classics
332 East 11th St., New York, NY 10001 - FREE!!!!

Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game!!!!

01/06/2006 08:00 PM - The Parkside Lounge
317 East Houston (Between B and C), New York, NY 10001 - $5

Come see a full hour set of The Rob and Mark Show! With Special Guests!!!!

01/10/2006 08:00 PM - Riffifi/Cinema Classics
332 East 11th St. , New York, NY 10001 - FREE!!!

Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game!!!!

01/13/2006 08:00 PM - Jack Demsey's
36 W. 33rd St. , New York, NY 10001 - Free!!!

Free Show at Jack Demsey's!!!!

01/14/2006 08:00 PM - Jack Demsey's
36 W. 33rd St., New York, NY 10001 - FREE!!!

Free Show at Jack Demsey's!!!!

01/17/2006 08:00 PM - Riffifi/Cinema Classics
332 East 11th St. , New York, NY 10001 - Free!!!

Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game!!!!

01/24/2006 08:00 PM - Riffifi/Cinema Classics
332 East 11th St., New York, NY 10001 - Free

Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game!!!!

01/27/2006 08:00 PM - Jack Demsey's
36 W. 33rd St., New York, NY 10001 - FREE!!!

It's Free and it's at Jack Demsey's!!!!

01/31/2006 08:00 PM - Riffifi/Cinema Classics
332 East 11th St., New York, NY 10001 - Free

Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There is a Game!!!!

Friday, December 30, 2005

"I'm literally going to vomit all over you right this second."

From my favorite funny bloggers:

Dirty Old Prom Queen on funny lines her students have said to her and she's said to her students

Carolyn Castiglia on the meaning of life


I'm like a week late on this, but it's still funny if you had to walk across a bridge during the transit strike - Jeff Mac's message to his fellow pedestrians

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Re-Gifting Comedy Show

Friday night: bring us your poor, your huddled masses, your Dr. Phil books and crocheted tissue-box cozies

Hosted by Jen Dziura

"The Re-Gifting Comedy Show"
December 30th, 11pm, FREE
Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St in Williamsburg (718-302-3770)
Pete's Candy Store map

Remember the Seinfeld episode about "re-gifting" -- giving as a gift something that was given to you, but you didn't like enough to keep? Bring an unwanted gift to this show -- all gifts will be circulated and redistributed, so you might come home with something better! Comedians will keep you entertained as the bad gifts go 'round.

Featuring Jill Twiss, Aaron Haber, Jenny Rubin, Theron Steiner, Rachael Parenta, Jackson Yung, Elon James White, Brad Aldous, and Michelle Buteau!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Pat O'Shea comedy CD recording January 5th at Southpaw

From Pat O'Shea: I'm recording my first live comedy CD @Southpaw on Jan 5th. Also on the Bill is Brian Kiley,from Conan,Rena Zager and Jeff Mac, all awesome.

Still Standing

Manhattan Comedy Collective

MC² presents Still Standing at Mo Pitkin's

32 Avenue A, NY, NY 10009 212.777.5660

This fun and unique stand up show features a different topic each month. Join us for hilarity in January as six of New York City's funniest comics discuss: "Skin Deep – America's Obsession with the Visual" – from sexuality to superficiality, body image to bunions.  Featured comics include: Elon James, Laura Mannino, Carolyn Castiglia, Shawn Hollenbach, Emily Epstein and Sven Wechsler.  Hosted by AB Carney. Tickets are available for advance purchase through Mo Pitkins $8 each.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dan Allen interview on Gothamist

I interviewed Dan Allen today at Gothamist

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I can't believe I'm linking to this

But I love Susie Felber, and it's an interesting piece, so I will. Susie's blog, Felber's Frolics is featured, as well as her Buy My Mom's Books blog, in this blog column in the New York Daily News.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Dan Allen and Allison Castillo quoted in my Village Voice column

My latest Village Voice Lusty Lady column is on going "Home for the Holidays" and I quote comedians Dan Allen and Allison Castillo, author of The Score: The Ultimate Quiz to Test Who He Is among others.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Tremendous Rabbit Productions Update

Jon Friedman just sent this crazy long update, too long to summarize and the sun is out so I'm just gonna paste it all here. Cool news shows and videos and such await and sorry, I'm too lazy right now to link, just use copy and paste, thanks:

The Rejection Show has a new venue and will return on February 7th at
8PM. We're in a nice new space with a restaurant and a bar. Now you
can drink at The Rejection Show! If you want to.

The Rejection Show
February 7th @ 8PM
Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction
34 Avenue A (b. 2nd and 3rd St.)
More details and future lineups coming soon.

Are you missing the show? You can get your fill by listening to this
brand new radio piece that aired on "Definitely Not The Opera." The
producers of this piece really captured the spirit of the show through
clips and interviews (and you get to hear my "radio voice.")



SUBMISSIONS WANTED! "The Movies I Made as a Kid" is moving forward and
picking up speed. Gather up your old hilarious kid movies when you go
back home for the holidays. This project is being developed for the
web, festival, and the TV! What is "The Movies I Made as a Kid" you ask?

We've made a beta preview test pilot trailer featuring my own kid
video. You can find out more about the project and see me as my awkward
glorious 14 year old self here:


New shows and events added to the Tremendous Rabbit roster!

** "Ritalin Reading Series"
Hosted by Lindsay Robertson, Alex Balk, and Jon Friedman.
Ritalin Readings: Because sometimes it's good to be quick.
"Writer/Blogger Lindsay Robertson ( created the
humor reading series in the Spring of 2004 as an alternative literary
event for the ADHD generation. Each reader is limited to a max of 4

Ritalin Reading Series
January 10th at 8PM
Mo Pitkin's - Lineup announced soon!

** "The Other Talent: Show"
Hosted by Michelle Collins ( and Jon
Featuring the OTHER talents of comedians, writers, and performers
(Michelle Collins other talent is singing beautiful power ballads.)

The Other Talent: Show
February 21st at 8PM
Mo Pitkin's
Lineup announced soon!

** "Office Doody"
The new sketch comedy show from The Wiener Philharmonic and Jon
Friedman. Intense venue negotiations are going on now. The show is written
and ready to go!

"Office Doody" - coming this winter!
Produced and Directed by The Wiener Philharmonic and Jon Friedman
Written by Jon Friedman

The Wiener Philharmonic is Lang Fisher, Julia Langbein, Gabe Liedman,
Jenny Slate, Mike Barry, and Toby Lawless.

**The NYC Beard and Mustache Championships! Coming this Spring!
Start growing your facial hair now! More details on this event to be
announced soon. For now, check out the official website to the upcoming
documentary feature film "Splitting Hairs" at Clips, trailer, and personalities
from the film will be at the NYC Championships!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Wiener Philharmonic make me laugh

And are so adorable:

Also check out Lang's new blog at Dirty Old Prom Queen

I heart The Jenny Vaudeville Show

Last night's Jenny Vaudeville Show at Pete's Candy Store was SO fun. Perhaps the most fun I've had while performing, because I got to share the lineup with hilarious people like Carolyn Castiglia, The Rob and Mark Show, and The Dartmouth Cords. It was really priceless to watch all my blogger friends crack up over Rob and Mark's blog song ("We don't want to read your blog"). Check out some photos, including Rob shirtless, and Jen in her Wonder Woman underwear. Fuller recap later. You can also go stalk flirt with cute Dartmouth boys. Also, there was trivia! Cupcakes Take the Cake competed against each other, and I wound up winning . . . the 2nd season of Too Close for Comfort on DVD. Guess I know what I'll be doing on my day off! What else? Jessica stole me extra olives from the bar, we peeked at this boy's doodles, discussed the whole "lady in the street/freak in the bed" phenomenon and much more. It was a delight to meander home at 2 am. Not so much getting up in the morning, but still. Also be sure to check out The Re-Gifting Comedy Show on December 30th.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Friday Manhattan Variety Shac

Special Variety Shac this Friday in Manhattan! Also, go to their site to see their latest short, GANESHA.

This coming Friday, December 16th, The Variety Shac in conjunction with
the Greg Johnson show will be joining forces for a very special
Manhattan Variety Shac show at Rififi/Cinema Classics on 11th Street in the
East Village. Shorts, music, comedy, the whole shebang. (332 E. 11th St,
btw 1st and 2nd Ave.)

Monday, December 12, 2005

Twin Killing at Swift tonight

It's also the end of Juvie Hall party at Slainte from 7-midnight.

Monday, December 12, 2005
Twin Killing
Hosted by Matt Goldich and Chris Jurek
34 E. 4th Street (between Lafayette and Bowery)
8:30 pm

This month's lineup:

Dan Allen (Comedy Central's Premium Blend)
Pete Holmes (Best Week Ever, Premium Blend)
Nick Kroll (co-creator of Bar Mitzvah Disco and I Love the 30's)
and Margot Leitman (star of her own one-woman show at the UCB Theatre)

Friday, December 02, 2005

Because there aren't enough comedy shows this Monday...

CBS/NYC Presents:
I even got TWO emails about this, both pasted in full (in a tribute to Todd Levin) below, I think I'm going to see my friend Dan Allen at Tell Your Friends at Lolita though. There's also a Brooklyn Comedy Company show AND a Minty Fresh show.

CBS/NYC Presents Dave Hill's Magical Night Of A Bunch Of People Doing Stuff/Hosted by Dave Hill with Mike Albo, Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, and Hair Supply/Monday, Dec. 5/8:30pm/Mo Pitkins/34 Avenue A/$6

Dear fans of quality and affordable entertainment:

I am excited to tell you that this Monday night, Dec. 5, at 8:30pm (sharp.  dammit.) I will be hosting a jawdropping night of entertainment of the comedy type at Mo Pitkins (a seriously great new venue located at 34 Avenue A at 2nd Street or so in the heart of the anything goes Alphabet City neighborhood of our town).  As hinted at in the subject heading, the show is sponsored/curated/sanctioned/approved/generally given the thumbs up by the popular CBS network.  It is not being televised or anything but I wanted to point this out just so you know that the people who brought you Knots Landing, Face The Nation, and all those Crime Scene Investigation shows are now getting in on the Dave Hill action too, just like pretty much everyone in the Netherlands did like six months ago.  Anyway, the official title of the show on Monday is CBS/NYC Presents Dave Hill’s Magical Night Of A Bunch Of People Doing Stuff and it is going to be a major asskicker.  Joining me on the show will be three of the funniest and most talented mofos I know- Mike Albo, Nick Kroll, and John Mulaney- who will each get up one at a time and be really entertaining for like ten minutes each or something.  As if all that is not enough, Hair Supply, the number one heavy metal tribute to Air Supply in the Tri-State area, will also be bringing the heat on Monday by playing a song (or maybe two if I feel like letting them).  In between all of these guys, I will be coming out on stage and making lighthearted chitchat and being generally just really incredible for a couple minutes until the next person is ready to come on stage and make you forget your very real life problems if only for a little while.  There might also be one more really great (and also famous!) comedian on the bill but he told me to call him back tomorrow about it so I am totally going to do that.  So anyway, please come.  It is pretty much guaranteed to be a f%#king sweet ass night of good times.  Deal with it.

I love you,
Dave Hill

Please forward this to some other b*tches if the mood hits you.

This Monday December 5 at 830PM!!!


Starring Dave Hill


Featuring special guests:



Music by HAIR SUPPLY (the #1 heavy metal tribute band to air supply)

And more!!!



34 Avenue A, between 2nd and 3rd Streets

Doors open at 8pm, Show starts at 830pm

Tickets $6 or at the door


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Yamaholiday! December 9th

Originally uploaded by rkb1.
Hosted by Becky Yamamoto
A masterpiece of things!
Songs! Spectacle! Men! Women! Elves!

December 9
with musical guests The Flanks!

Featuring the talents of:

Lang Fisher (who wrote this hilarious post yesterday)
Michelle Collins
Michael Cyril Creighton
Baron Vaughn
Desiree Burch
The Fabulous Entourage
Tony Carnevale
Joe Randazzo
Jon Friedman
Lianne Stokes
JB Rote
Becky Poole
Jimmy Owens
Daiva Deupree
JJ Shebesta
Sara Schaefer
Michal Pasternak