Thursday, December 15, 2005

I heart The Jenny Vaudeville Show

Last night's Jenny Vaudeville Show at Pete's Candy Store was SO fun. Perhaps the most fun I've had while performing, because I got to share the lineup with hilarious people like Carolyn Castiglia, The Rob and Mark Show, and The Dartmouth Cords. It was really priceless to watch all my blogger friends crack up over Rob and Mark's blog song ("We don't want to read your blog"). Check out some photos, including Rob shirtless, and Jen in her Wonder Woman underwear. Fuller recap later. You can also go stalk flirt with cute Dartmouth boys. Also, there was trivia! Cupcakes Take the Cake competed against each other, and I wound up winning . . . the 2nd season of Too Close for Comfort on DVD. Guess I know what I'll be doing on my day off! What else? Jessica stole me extra olives from the bar, we peeked at this boy's doodles, discussed the whole "lady in the street/freak in the bed" phenomenon and much more. It was a delight to meander home at 2 am. Not so much getting up in the morning, but still. Also be sure to check out The Re-Gifting Comedy Show on December 30th.


Blogger spicycontent said...

"peeking at a boy's doodles" sounds so much dirtier than it was.

9:53 AM  

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