Monday, February 19, 2007

Jordan Carlos's TV show and Op-Ed piece

I did Sexytime with Jordan Carlos, Margot Leitman, and Dave Hill, on Friday night. I have to say, I'm so not a comedian and never will be, but I liked sitting on the side with all the cool kids while Heather and Brandy goofed around onstage. The crowd was kinda not that into us, though a few Happy Corp.ers came up and said hello afterward.

Anyway, wanted to direct the three readers of this forsaken blog to Jordan's recent Op-Ed piece in the Washington Post:

Casting directors can be anxious creatures. In their zeal to find the right actor for a part they often use shorthand to explain what they want. "More Chris Rock! Less Cosby!" or "Can you play it with lots of energy and attitude?" (That's code for "black it up.") Sometimes I wish they'd come right out and ask if any actors in the waiting room can break dance while spinning a chicken wing on their finger like a basketball.

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Also, Jordan's new show for kids premiered tonight on Nickelodeon

And yes, I miss comedy, and I hope it misses me, but for now, too busy to go to every show in the city, but will try to get to a few shows here and there so I don't lose my mind.

hottie Jessica Delfino

Jessica Delfino
Originally uploaded by dougjaeger.
Happy Corp.-er Doug Jaeger is doing a series of photos of female comedians and his latest includes this one of Jessica Delfino, who is a big In The Flesh fan (and performed at my birthday show last November).

Jessica's one of the most consistent hilarious and uniquely shocking comedians I know. I heart her.