Friday, December 16, 2005

Tremendous Rabbit Productions Update

Jon Friedman just sent this crazy long update, too long to summarize and the sun is out so I'm just gonna paste it all here. Cool news shows and videos and such await and sorry, I'm too lazy right now to link, just use copy and paste, thanks:

The Rejection Show has a new venue and will return on February 7th at
8PM. We're in a nice new space with a restaurant and a bar. Now you
can drink at The Rejection Show! If you want to.

The Rejection Show
February 7th @ 8PM
Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction
34 Avenue A (b. 2nd and 3rd St.)
More details and future lineups coming soon.

Are you missing the show? You can get your fill by listening to this
brand new radio piece that aired on "Definitely Not The Opera." The
producers of this piece really captured the spirit of the show through
clips and interviews (and you get to hear my "radio voice.")



SUBMISSIONS WANTED! "The Movies I Made as a Kid" is moving forward and
picking up speed. Gather up your old hilarious kid movies when you go
back home for the holidays. This project is being developed for the
web, festival, and the TV! What is "The Movies I Made as a Kid" you ask?

We've made a beta preview test pilot trailer featuring my own kid
video. You can find out more about the project and see me as my awkward
glorious 14 year old self here:


New shows and events added to the Tremendous Rabbit roster!

** "Ritalin Reading Series"
Hosted by Lindsay Robertson, Alex Balk, and Jon Friedman.
Ritalin Readings: Because sometimes it's good to be quick.
"Writer/Blogger Lindsay Robertson ( created the
humor reading series in the Spring of 2004 as an alternative literary
event for the ADHD generation. Each reader is limited to a max of 4

Ritalin Reading Series
January 10th at 8PM
Mo Pitkin's - Lineup announced soon!

** "The Other Talent: Show"
Hosted by Michelle Collins ( and Jon
Featuring the OTHER talents of comedians, writers, and performers
(Michelle Collins other talent is singing beautiful power ballads.)

The Other Talent: Show
February 21st at 8PM
Mo Pitkin's
Lineup announced soon!

** "Office Doody"
The new sketch comedy show from The Wiener Philharmonic and Jon
Friedman. Intense venue negotiations are going on now. The show is written
and ready to go!

"Office Doody" - coming this winter!
Produced and Directed by The Wiener Philharmonic and Jon Friedman
Written by Jon Friedman

The Wiener Philharmonic is Lang Fisher, Julia Langbein, Gabe Liedman,
Jenny Slate, Mike Barry, and Toby Lawless.

**The NYC Beard and Mustache Championships! Coming this Spring!
Start growing your facial hair now! More details on this event to be
announced soon. For now, check out the official website to the upcoming
documentary feature film "Splitting Hairs" at Clips, trailer, and personalities
from the film will be at the NYC Championships!


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