Saturday, November 12, 2005

Improv class in Boston November 19th

Lisa Carver is the brilliant writer and performance artist behind Suckdog and has written the excellent book you should all go out and read right now, Drugs Are Nice: A Post-Punk Memoir. She is also on MySpace. AND she is teaching an improv class in Boston November 19th. I got to play her in a skit a few weeks ago, where I made out with a very scantily clad GG Allin, got beer poured down my throat, my dress ripped off and ran off into the audience. If I had taken Lisa's class, maybe I'd have been able to properly make out with and slap strangers across the face. Seriously, check her out, and if you are one of maybe reader of this blog not in NYC, she's touring the West Coast right now. Lisa rocks and is full of amazing energy and heart and power and brains and general chutzpah.

Writing Intensive for Beginners with Lisa Carver
Saturday, November 19, 10 AM - 2 PM, $45 per student

This class is on offer for those of you who have never have written anything but shopping lists, as well as for those of you who find yourselves craving an insurgent breath of very fresh air. It is a vital, hands on, and immediate writing experience crafted to unravel all of the theories and 'shoulds', and get very much in direct contact with your unique voice. Whether your writing projects involve sketch, prose, or articles, Lisa Carver's signature immediacy will propel your skills to another level. Her goal is to peel off the hoary coating of your heart, and no, she doesn't drink in the afternoons.


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