Saturday, November 12, 2005

The last SSIOWY

As has been noted, last night was the very last episode of Sara Schaefer (Is Obsessed With You). It was a good if kindof wacky show. As SSIOWY writer Dan McCoy notes, since Sara just got married she can't be as obsessed with you, and she did not come out and tell us she was obsessed with us. But if you attended the show previously, you got some treats, including several best of and blooper reels, this history of the show, reliving some of the upstairs shows during Amanda Melson's opening monologue which took us through the seal clubbing and lynching plays held directly above the Juvie Hall basement. Then Ross, this guy who's been to every SSIOWY, interviewed the whole cast about high and low moments and that was very cute. There was some copier machine-like destruction going on at the end as Sara sang a heartfelt tribute to, then gave a smackdown to, her copier machine, and we all got little pieces of her cubicle walls.

I had fun and also was like "wow, I missed some good stuff." But I was also grateful to have been there for the shows I did go to; one of the best things about SSIOWY, I think, is that it built on itself. You would go and learn these funny, quirky little tidbits about Sara and the cast and the first time, maybe, you think it's all made up and that she's literally playing Sara Schaefer, but then as time went on you realize that she, as many comics do, brings bits of her real life onto the stage. Plus they gave out free t-shirts at the end, and I of course had to have one.

There were also some statistics dropped, a wheelchair used, a dance number, a very wacky but cute Christmas/Waldo-like shirt worn, beers drank, and lots of laughter. I will certainly miss the show but will be on the lookout for everyone's new projects. Dan is part of Saturday Night Rewritten and Amanda is working on Greg Giraldo's show which can be seen Friday nights on Comedy Central. And on a personal note, last December, whenever Samantha Bee was on, was the first time I attended the show. I had no clue (well, and still barely do because I've still never seen The Daily Show) who Samantha Bee or any of the other people on the show were, but Heidi wanted to go and it sounded cool so some of us went. That seems so long ago and yet it really wasn't. I became pretty obsessed with Sara and SSIOWY myself and got to ask her about her cereal obsession for Gothamist. So keep an eye out on her site, congratulate her on her recent wedding (in Tuscany!), and wish everyone much success as they all become obsessed with other things.


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Blogger Dan McCoy said...

Rachel-- thanks for being such a devoted fan of the show. It was wonderful to have people who not only enjoyed the show, but cared about it enough to follow it through multiple "episodes."

I'll keep you in the loop if I move on to other exciting things. And I'm glad you came out afterwards, so I could wish you a happy birthday, after being such an invisible presence at your actual birthday party.

2:14 PM  

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