Sunday, August 28, 2005

also tonight: X v Y

Magnet’s new variety night XvY!
9:30 PM
Hosts: Tony Carnevale and then Rosemary Stevens
Celebrity Judges: Sara Schaefer and Chains (Cuntis
Film: Armando Diaz “Beer Goggles”
Female Stand-Up: Giulia Rozzi
Male Improv Team: Ego Testical
(Stan Laikowski, Chris Schneider , Tony Carnevale,
Andrew Dickerson, Mike Hagen, Jeff Scherer, Dave
Thunder, Dave Warth, Billy Ryan)
Film: Shannon Manning “Ladyland”
Male Stand-Up: Bobby Tisdale
Female Improv Team: Boobie Trap (Leigh Angel, Amy
Dickenson, Michele Medlin, Sarah Nowak, Betsy Todd,
Cindee Weiss, Kristy Kershaw, Rachel Korowitz)


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