Monday, June 27, 2005

Pink Steel - Best. And. Gayest. Show. Ever.

I can't find what I'd originally written about Pink Steel, my favorite gay heavy metal act, but Saturday night's show at Parkside was pretty much the best, and the gayest, show of theirs I've ever seen, and I've been to many a Pink Steel show. This guy was wearing his "I Fucked Ann Coulter" t-shirt and that got a few shoutouts, and there was a whole Tom Cruise bit, some new songs, fake moshing, beer pouring, shoutouts to the Hello Kitty-ballooned birthday girl, and major gayness. They were on fire! They had these great intros too, like for the drummer Helmut Bang, "The Pippi Longstocking of Hard Rocking" and "The Nikki Sixx of Not Liking Chicks." We were all doubled over with laughter, especially at "We Fight for Cock" and the way over the top "Johnny Are You Queer?" They really outdid themselves, perhaps to make up for their long hiatus, and I am back to being their total groupie.

I love them because you can see them for the first or the tenth time and they are still amazing. I mean, "Sausage Party," and "Open Wide for Pride" don't really ever get boring, now do they? I went to see them after my 28th birthday dinner, at Parkside. Those are the ever-so-slightly bittersweet memories that sneak up on me - K and my mom had given me my now-forgotten digital camera and I was taking my very first photos with it. But that's neither here nor there. Speaking of digital cameras, soon as I catch up with some bills, I'm gonna get this cool Kodak digital camera so I can add camera stalking to the live blogging and cupcake-bringing duties I've taken on within the comedy world. Yes, I think my role in all this is to feed my comedian friends. Good thing most of them have a sweet tooth! I'll have to figure out an extra gay dessert to bring to the next Pink Steel show.


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