Sunday, June 26, 2005

If I lived in LA, I'd so go to this

The only vaguely-related thing I have to contribute is that on July 29th, details TBA, I'm part of Jon Friedman's Movies I Made as a Kid Film Festival and you can see me sing "Like a Virgin" and breakdance (yes, breakdance, I was 9 and it was the mid-80's, okay?) to another old school Madonna song. I'll post the info on the show here when I have it.


What is it?
MATERIAL GIRLS is the bittersweet tale of two totally rad girls on the
eve of 9th grade in the mid-1980s as the face adulthood and worse, each
other. Is it time for them to go their separate ways... or just listen
to different radio stations? Grab your friendship bracelets and bring
your BFF!

When is it?
- June 29, 2005
- July 6, 2005
- July 13, 2005
- July 20, 2005

Where is it?
THE COMPLEX. 6476 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90038

RSVP (+ Industry Comps):

How much is it?

Who's behind it?
STARRING: Kirsten Gronfield, Krista Lanphear, Angela Pupello + Mark
Phinney. WRITTEN BY: Kirsten Gronfield + Krista Lanphear. DIRECTED BY:
Anne Jenson + Mark Phinney.

Le "Mortified" Connection?
If you like "Mortified", you're in luck. Almost everyone in "Material
Girls" has been in "Mortified LA" and rocked its mutha fuckin house.
(Memory refresher: Mark read the mental ward diary, Krista sang the
Challenger Song, Kirsten read a diary written to herself in the future,
Angela sang a love ballad she once wrote to her not-yet-gay boyfriend.)


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