Thursday, June 23, 2005

paging Matthew Sweet: Can I call you my girlfriend? by Matt Evans

This show sounds great and hopefully will be on again because I can't make the 30th (going to see Andy Friedman and the Other Failures with Todd Levin opening at Bowery Poetry Club with Ali-Z). Hey, like magic, the UCB site tells me this is playing June 29th (with Margot Leitman's Just Here for the Day) and July 11th, which I can actually make. Cool. I got the original dates off Improv Resource Center my new second home (again).

Can I call you my girlfriend?

written and performed by Matt Evans
directed by Zach Woods

Thursday June 16th and Thursday June 30th @ 8pm
(appearing after The Confidence Ladder performed by Peter Gwinn)

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

Matt Evans gives us a glimpse inside one man's search for a girl to call his own.

These are the big moments in a relationship.

These are the experiences of a lifetime.

These are the times he will always remember.

That's a lot of pressure.


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