Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Margot Leitman show "Just Here for the Day"

I caught Margot's show recently and really enjoyed it, especially the clips of actual little kiddies she taught (or corrupted - jk) in her substitute teaching stints. Also, definitely a winner for "Best Voiceover." And the "24" clip is awesome too.

What: "Just Here for the Day"
When:Wed. June 29 @8 and Mon. July 11 @8
Where: UCB Theatre, 307 west 26th st. and 8th ave. C,E to 23rd, 1,9 to
23rd, M23 to 8th ave.
Reservations: $5 a ticket at 212-366-9176 or

About to enter the third month of her run at UCB, comedian Margot Leitman (VH1, Mtv, ESPN, E!) chronicles her personal journey of working in an elementary school, selling out, then rocking on. Watch Margot pose for the paparazzi, threaten a six year old with jail time, ruin childrens' idealistic ways, then have a breakdown while watching Kiefer Sutherland on "24.". Then laugh, because you know somewhere inside you, you've done, or wanted to do those things too. Doesn't Kiefer make you cry?


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