Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bombs and Blueballs tonight!

Yes, I'm sad to be missing Amber Tozer's short film called Bombs & Blueballs (what an awesome title!) but I wrote and begged her to show it again at some future date. You should go!

TONITE at 8pm

Stand and Deliver Comedy Show hosted by

Amber Tozer (The Onion, Lots of film Festivals for her short film BOMBS AND BLUEBALLS, she's going to the Montreal Comedy Festival this year... yeah man)

There will be short films, stand up comedy and plenty of things to look at.  

The line up...

Craig Baldo (Comedy Central's Premium Blend, Collegehumor.com Tour)

Rachel Feinstien (Comedy Central's Premium Blend)

Tom Legoff (Famous photographer with a comedic agenda www.tomlegoff.com)

Jessi Klein (Time Out NY's "Top 10 Comics We Never Get Tired Of", Comedy Central's Premium Blend,VH1's Best Week Ever, co-host of Welcome to Our Week at Riffifi)

Nick Kroll (VH1's Best Week Ever and co-host of Welcome to Our Week at Riffifi).

Amber Tozer and Stu Levine will be doing a tribute to Patrick Swayze. It'll be short, sweet and crazy for Swayze.

Short Films -

Nick Kroll's - I LOVE THE 30's
As it turns out VH1 didn't come up with the idea of humorous nostalgia tv.  After culling the the museum of television and radio, a show surfaced called "I love the 30s" which looks back on that wonderful year, 1932 through the musings from some late 40's most minor celebrities.
Jen Kirwin's - STU'S CULT 
It's about a stoned anglophile that starts a cult craigslist – it's super intense.Starring - Stu Levine, Todd Levin,
Bridget Smith, Rachel Feinstein and Amber Tozer.


It's about two twins trying to please everyone, starring Craig Baldo and Bobby Tisdale

An animated short film with a hot sex scene in it.

Be there by 8pm, please.

Located at 125 5 th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, between Sterling Place and St. John's Place.

Q Train to 7th Ave --- -- M/N/Q/R/W/4/5 to Atlantic-Pacific ----- M/N/R to Union Street ---

2/3 to Bergen St.

For information about the venue, performers, upcoming events, and directions visit: http://spsounds.com/