Sunday, June 19, 2005

Mortified only very slightly censored

I forgot my wireless card so typed up some notes at Mortified tonight, kindof slacked off at the end. Plus, even my quiet keyboard was a bit loud in the theater. It's a really fun show though, with people reading from diaries, homework assignments and playing music from their pasts.

Mortified June 19, 2005

Giulia - diary from 5 month love affair:

“Today he called me a hairy bitch but then said only joking.”

“Just because I want to kiss him does not mean I’m a horny perverted slut.”

Why can’t a guy be bold enough to cry?

8:21 - Julie Brister - letters home from camp, age 9
Mountains of New Mexico, Campfire Girls camp
Sister, 2 years old, we hated each other with a passion
Forbidden at camp to speak to her

8:28 - Craig: junior high, was the fat kid

Nancy McKeown, Fame

likes spending money

poem about fried chicken

8:33 - Tasha, 15-year-old diary

“Dear Lord,

I love you. Thank you so much for Brandon” (boyfriend)

Dear Lord, Please create a holy spirit within me. I want to be filled with you. Can’t wait for heaven” - wearing hell’s kitchen t-shirt

Laughing before reads next one

“Dear Lord,

I’ve been so far away from you. But who moved? I know, it was me. Brandon needs you, and so do I...

Ps. Thank you for your only son”

Lost her virginity in the back of a church parking lot

8:38 - Lianne Stokes

obsessed with **** (boy's name redacted to protext Lianne from google searches) from ages of 15 to 23. “Come aboard the psycho train”
1992 - age 16 -

yearbook ad created for unborn child (read with back to audience)

“Avery Jane”

8:44 Maria - Axl vs. John Taylor, “Axl makes me feel crazy inside”

8:50 - Jessy Delfino, songs, 6th grade, started an all white girl from Maine rap group, The Three Flabbergasted Cows, only put out one tape

“My Guy (Uh Huh)”

“Party in the Bathroom”

“Dingleberry Trail”

Laurie - 17, essay to apply early admission to Tufts in 1988 (she didn't get in)

“Numbers simply confuse and sadden me”

9:01 - 1982, 11 yr old diary

next show July 17


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