Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Andy for Mayor at the Rejection Show

9:09 - Andy Horwitz, candidate running for mayor, “the only guy who’s running for mayor who’s gonna appear on The Rejection Show” - Jon’s going to interview him. He’s passing out Andy for Mayor pins.

Andy is explaining what a blog is and it’s a little (I mean, totally) meta. “I just think it’d be cool if Mayor Mike had a Livejournal” - Andy. “We have to take back the city for ‘just some guy.’”

Jon: “Type it back”

He’s not on the ballot yet, has to get 7,500 signatures by July 14th.

Andy’s platform: Free metrocards

Jon: “Couldn’t we just get rid of Metrocards?”

Andy: Affordable housing

Jon: “Do you really want to be mayor or do you just want your name to come up in more google searches?”

Andy: “Sure, why not? I think everyone should run for mayor.”

Andy: "I am the listening mayor. If you have some thing like 'hot dogs are too expensive,' send it to me, and we'll build a platform together."


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