Sunday, June 12, 2005

Live blogging Andy for Mayor event

I’m trying to liveblog (for the first time ever) the Andy for Mayor Blog Party event at Galapagos. I just got here and Becky Yamamoto was on stage and when she went up, she sang “This Land Is Your Land” - awesome. Last time I saw her was last night and she was drunk. Michael Cyril Creighton who recently emailed me just sang Andy’s dirty praises.

9:40 - Todd Levin just went onstage and Andy introduced him by saying “The Jew in me...”

“I actually went and checked the polls to see how Andy’s doing - right now the blog party is 40 points behind the Cuddle Party, it’s 21 , it’s 9 points behind the pansexual party, 29 behind hte donner party...”

362 points behind the party in my pants

2 points ahead of the livejournal party.

Berlin story, I’m a bit Jew-y looking, I make regular people anti-Semitic sometimes.

You have to pay to go to the bathroom at Auschwitz. I knew this was the wrong thing to do but I actually went up tot eh woman with the collection plate and said, “Haven’t my people paid enough?”

Jon Friedman at 9:49

Oldies but goodies - Wolf Teen, a pack of wolves, one of them turns into a teenage boy

Jokes about Fred Flintstone. I really can’t blog about Jon, you just have to see/hear these jokes live.

Family Feud joke.

Todd Levin just asked me if I’m blogging this event. He seemed afraid.

9:57 - Bob Powers, somethinga bout the mambo. Google gangers, you’ll have to google his name to find out, he just said that I’m blogging this. I think it makes people nervous, but really, if I hate you, I won’t post about it here, I’ll just whisper it to my friends at bars.

He’s talking about going to someone’s confirmation (I honestly don’t even totally know what that is).

Okay, I realize this whole liveblogging thing has the same problem as general comedy blogging; I don’t want to give away people’s jokes in case you go see them yourself, so I’ll be brief.

Bob just said that we all united over being upset about the Runaway Bride - I think she’s not only Little Miss Book Deal but now future comedic fodder for many months. Now he's going off on those hilarious Lifetime ads that have popped up all over.

Bob has a whole bunch of long posters for Andy for Mayor and they are the funniest thing I've seen tonight. He's reading from them in this really awesome announcer voice, here's one:

"Don't worry, we're still brainstorming other ideas for names"

"Vote for Andy Horwitz or - I'm sorry - did you ENJOY 9/11?"


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