Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Twin Killing was awesome!

News flash: The fabulous Becky Yamamoto started a blog! Woo-hoo! Also I owe a post about last week's crazy comedy, but another time.

So sometimes super fun comedy nights sneak up on you unexpectedly. I’d been meaning to check out Twin Killing, and tonight I did and even though the audience was a little on the small side, it was really fun. People were just losing their shit onstage and it was hilarious. Andrea Rosen, who is fast becoming one of my favorite comics, not to mention one of the most adorable (she had this brightly colored clogs, and always has cool shoes), got an intro that already, mere hours later, I forget, but it caused her to launch into this whole story about being 21 and being mistaken for the gallery owner Andrea Rosen and getting into Bowery Bar and chilling there for free. She just has this delivery that's part excited Valley Girl and part best friend, very "omg, you guys, let me tell you this" but in the most hilarious way possible. You must go see her live to understand, but again, what I like about her comedy is that it's not "jokes" per se but just funny stories that make it seem like funny shit happens to her every day.

I’d never seen Tom McCaffrey but he cracked me up too, and was talking about a guy who’s the new John Bobbitt, his dick got cut off by they can’t find it. I hadn’t heard about that case. Chelsea Peretti was her usual hilarious self - there was an issue with the lighting so she was kindof lounging around and talking about fixing her mom up online and friendster. Once again, these things are hard to describe but it was fun, as was her very smoothly trying to tell these talking girls to shut up. Chris Jurek the co-host, got up at the end and talked about wanting to start a site called The Smartest Pickle, about that last pickle that gets left in the jar, because it’s so smart to have avoided being eaten all that time and was like “And I wanted to have us all take pictures with the smartest pickle” and he HAD a pickle jar with juice and one pickle, but even better, he had his laptop, digital camera and portable printer and took pics of practically everyone there with the pickle, including me and my new friend Lauren, who went to Hebrew School with co-host Matt Goldich. Anyway, I will give Swift some credit for having a cool comedy show and a cool bathroom, other than that, I really won’t be going there too often but Twin Killing was lots of fun and the perfect thing after a long day of work, and limping along with my messed up foot. And it was free! And Andrea Rosen told me I’m her favorite audience member. Aw. Seriously, I am all about the free comedy. Which reminds me - tonight, Galapagos, be there. At 7 is the Bookmark Now reading and release party, and at 10 is Poetry vs. Comedy in one room AND Brooklyn Comedy Company in the other - all free!


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