Wednesday, May 25, 2005

ECNY Finalists!

VOTE FOR EMERGING COMICS OF NEW YORK AWARDS - FINALISTS ARE UP (there are some typos but I'm not a copyeditor, at least, not for them, but anyway, I'm sure you can figure out what's up). I don't believe in telling you who to vote for, cause I have no idea of your comedic taste, so am just (as always) sharing mine.

I voted for:

Best Standup (Female) - Margot Leitman

Best Standup (Male) - Aziz Ansari

Best Musical Comedy Act - Jessica Delfino

Best One Person Show - Swollen Head (by Rich Zeroth)

Best Variety Show/Best Host of a Variety Show or Comedic Event - This is a huge tossup for me, I really, really, really like both Welcome to Our Week and The Rejection Show. WTOW happens more often so I get to go to it more, but the Rejection Show is really special (I mean, where else can you see your friends dancing with a bear?). You decide. I will, at some point. Same goes for hosts, though I will probably go Jessi and Nick on hosting, because their banter, especially the letters, totally crack me up, and the voices, the voices - I really cannot see or hear "LOL" in the same way again. Thanks, Nick. But anyway, I love both these shows and hopefully will get to them as often as possible from here on out. Mark your calendars - every Thursday at 8 is WTOW at Rififi, and every third Wednesday at 8 is The Rejection Show at PS 122. ps. I voted for The Rejection Show as Best Variety Show and Nick and Jessi as best hosts, but am still thankful these shows aren't on the same nights because those and WYSIWYG are some of my favorite entertainments around.

Best Comedy writer - Todd Levin

Best Comedic Website - - Michelle Collins always cracks me up

Best Venue - ? I don't know. I want to say Juvie Hall, but I actually like Rififi the best, but mostly because it's close to my train. So I don't know. So there's my personal picks, though once again, I endorse everyone listed to the left (or above, as the case may be in your browser) and try to go to everything that I can while squeezing in the rest of my life around my comedygoing.


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