Monday, May 23, 2005

Claudia Cogan comedy

I'm definitely going tonight to check out the fabulous, the funny, the just-back-from-LA, Claudia Cogan, possibly the other nights as well depending how much else I get done:

MONDAY, 5/23
The last performance of SIDDOWN & SHUDDUP, the sketch tour de force
from Liam McEneaney and me. But once the curtain comes down, it's
over, fini, done, kaput, nevermore. Catch it or weep for an eternity.
Co-starring Andres du Bouchet. Directed by Brian Finkelstein.

9:30 pm @ The People's Improv Theatre
154 W 29th Street, 'tween 7th and 6th.
$5.00 - visit for electronic tickets

After us are the awesome Stanley Project, an improv troupe that does a
mockumentary style set. So jazzy!

* * * * * *
CHICKS & GIGGLES delivers all female, all funny stand up comedy.
Featuring myself, Becky Yamamoto, Margot Leitman, Shayna Ferm,
Rosemary Stevens, Lianne Stokes, Christina McGrath and your host,
Giulia Rozzi.

8:30 pm @ Raga
433 East 6th Street between 1st and Ave A
Free, 2 drink minimum

* * * * * *
A totally brand new show! It's the premiere of BECKY & CLAUDIA'S
SUPREME OFFERING, a twice-monthly stand up comedy night in
Williamsburg, hosted by Becky Poole and myself. Our inaugural line-up:
Kip Conlon, Brian Finkelstein, Abby Scott, Eliza Faria-Santos and Nick
Turner. Yay!

8:00 pm @ The Graham Lounge
312 Graham Ave Between Devoe and Ainslie.
L Train to Graham Ave. (3rd stop from Manhattan)

After-show bonus for the gays: Starting at 10:00, there's a dj and a
party for the 10 percenters. Straights are welcome, too, as long as
they don't flaunt their lifestyle in everyone's face


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