Friday, May 13, 2005

This N' More tonight!!!

Michelle Collins TOTALLY makes me laugh and I'm sure will tonight - get on her email list for emails like this, but in color and bold:

You guys, I never beg people to come to my show -- most of you just show up on your own good will, and for that, I owe you.

BUT TONIGHT!  Please come!!! PLEASE!  Sense my need and dependency through your electronic mail system....  And the good news, it's gonna be a fucking great show, so WHY WOULD YOU MISS IT?!?!?!  And I've even written NEW stuff JUST FOR THE SHOW!

This N' More

Tonight, Juvie Hall (24 Bond Street) at 8 pm

Michelle Collins hosts a gaggle of fine fine comedians:


Jim Norton!
Rachel Feinstein!
Curtis Gwinn!

John Gemberling!

Chelsea Peretti!
Jessica Delfino!
Michael Showalter!

Seriously you guys YOU MUST COME! I'm never adamant about attendance and show but I am changing my iTune!! COME TO IT!!!! I'll sing and tapdance! WHATEVER IT TAKES! I am also very nice and genteel.  Oh and it only costs EIGHT MEASLY DOLLARS!

Looking forward to your arrival:



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