Wednesday, May 11, 2005

NYC Underground Comedy Festival!

Coming in October, see the site for submissions policy.

For Immediate Release:
May 11th, 2005
Please Contact:
George Sarris,
Danielle Schulman

NYC's Biggest Comedy Festival Just Got Bigger

The NYC Underground Comedy Festival is proud to announce one of the most respected names in Improv & Sketch in the country has come on board, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater

All New Website!!

(Submission Policies in website)

Joins ..
The 3rd Annual
NYC Underground Comedy Festival TM
"The Original"

Now The Biggest Showcase of Emerging and Established
Comedians in the World.

October 3rd - October 9th 2005

Back again, in its 3rd year, The NYC Underground Comedy Festival
is the largest in the country with over 100 events
in all five boroughs.

The festival features over 350 comedians from all over the country
for 7 nights, Including One Person Shows,
Improv, Sketch & Film.

Venues include: The Gotham Comedy Club, The Laugh Factory,
The Laurie Beechman Theatre, The Arthur Seelen Theatre,
The Bitter End, The Comic Strip Live, Boston Comedy Club,
The Improv, The Duplex, The Producers Club, Stand-Up NY
The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and many more ...
. . .

Plus free shows at The NY Public Library and most of its branches,
Hospital Shows, Homeless Shelter Shows, Five Charities,
Numerous Seminars, and a million laughs.

Special thanks to Chris Rock on his special guest
appearance last year.

XM-Radio for their seven nights of coverage

Freddie Roman, Dean of The Friars for hosting
our benefit for the troops at
The Bitter End.
124 West 60th St. Suite 49E
New York, NY 10023


The Friar's Club
NYC & Company
Board of Directors: The Emerging Comics of NY
VFW: Honorary Members, Operation UpLink


2004 Performers

Jim Gaffigan, Bob Nelson, Colin Quinn, Eddie Brill, Freddie Roman , (Dean of The Friar's Club ) , Basile, Jim Norton, The Daily Show's Ed Helms, Ted Alexandro,Charlie Viracola, The Cast of Chicago City Limits, Patrice O'Neal, Laura Kightlinger, Dean Edwards, Ross Bennett, Scott Blakeman, Wendy Spero, Judy Gold, Judah Friedlander, Laurie Kilmartin, Jessica Kirson, D.C. Benny, Walli Collins, Kevin Downey Jr., Jessica Wood, Nick DiPaolo. Sal the Stockbroker,, Rick Shapiro, Cory Kahaney Mike
Bochetti, Boriqua Kid from Latino Mix, Rich Vos, Marina Franklin, Lee Camp, Dustin Chafin, Clonan, Peter Dutton, Rich Francese, Stella Stolper, Carmen Lynch, Kyle Grooms, Melvin George II, Sam Greenfield, Vic Henley, Ray Garvey, Michelle Buteau, Bex Schwartz, Max Lance, Leighann Lord, Kerri Louise, Ophira Eisenberg, Al Ernst , Poppi Kramer, Rob Paravonian, Jim Mendrinos , Carole Montgomery, John Morrison, Dante Nero, Yvonne Mojica, Tom Cotter, Val Kappa,, Chelsea Peretti, Dan Piraro, Creator of the cartoon Bizarro, Marianne Sierk, Danny Vermont, Ben Bailey, Barry Weintraub, Craig Baldo, Andy Vastola, Erin Foley, Keith Price, Christian Finnegan, Geno Bisconte, Buddy Bolton, Jane Condon, Herbie Quinones, Carla Rhodes, Jim Florentine, Scott Roffman, Al Romero, Joe Howard, Tasha Space, Adam Gropman, Brian McKim, Sue Costello, Irene Bremis, Becky Donahue, Mike Siscoe, John Garrison, Sara Schaefer, Vanessa Hollingshead, Stucky & Murray, Brad Trackman, Mike Trupiano, Dan Vitale, Al Martin, Lisa Levy, Maureen Langan, Shauna Lane, Carrie Karavas, Michelle Balan, Jeff Kreisler, Andrew Lederer, Dan Wilson, Marc Maron, Jill Moray, Lenny Marcus, Liam McEneaney,Veronica Mosey, Russ Meneve, Dan Nainan.Dan Naturman, Goddess Pearlman, Keith Robinson, Greg Rogell, Damion Sammarco,Traci Skene, Sherrod Small, Marc Theobald, Johnny Watson, William Stevenson, Michelle MaClay, Brett Alan, Jon Laster, Jason Good, Dante` Nero, Ellen Karis, The Greg Wilson.

And many more .. .


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