Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More Rejection

I am here: The Rejection Show

8:53 - Jon’s back. He said he got rejected from hosting the Mermaid Ball but they’re gonna do a night called the Mermen Dance and he just danced a little and showed us a menu that says “We served brown rice.”

8:54 - Liam McEneaney’s about to start.

“You’d be really surprised at how ghetto the production f the show actually is. It’s in a small corner office, you sti in front of a construction paper background. There’s a writer and a producer who ask you all these questions, there’s a cameraman and a sound guy and a makeup lady. The crew’s extremely bored and just sit there reading US Weekly. You sit there telling your jokes to bored people.” He’s about to “recreate” the process with his friend Kevin Felix who’s a producer on Best Week Ever.

Kevin’s gonna ask him questions and Liam’s gonna do his jokes. Liam also just gave me a shoutout cause he wants to look good “on the blogosphere.”

Upgrade/Downgrade - this is awesome cause I don’t have cable

Spring mid season TV replacement

Life With Fran Drescher

“Having sex with your handyman isn’t a scandal; it’s really smart bargaining.”

He downgraded that show. I have no idea what he just referenced.

Gray’s Anatomy

“If I want to see a second rate version of E.R., I’ll turn on E.R.”


Downgrade. “Finally, something on TV to jerk off to, other than Antique Roadshow.”

Beautyshop - this was funny, the question was pretty funny, basically playing on “whitesploitation”

“Whenever Alicia Silverstone gets cast in a movie like this, it sends the wrong message: Alicia Silverstone is an actress.”

One liners about Anna Nicole Smith, Francis Ford Coppola, the new Kabbalah energy drink

Paris Hilton in House of Wax - Liam just delivered a line as if from Paris, including breathy moans.

The Paris stuff was pretty hilarious. The whole thing was all stuff Liam actually said during the audition.

Me - I think it’d be really cool if I was a talking head cause I have NO idea what the new shows are so you could totally be making up shows and I’d be like “hmmm...that sounds like a craaaazy show.”


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