Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Liveblogging the Rejection Show

I’m standing on line outside PS 122 and Miss Claudia Cogan is holding my laptop and I feel so

8:06 - okay, we’re inside now and Claud navigated a great spot at the top for us so we have a view of the whole room. I saw Bob Powers while I was waiting on line and Becky Yamamoto, who was going upstairs to Sarah Michelson, whose show is opening tonight. Liam McEneaney just said hello to us. People are swarming in and it looks like some of them will have to stand. Why doesn’t PS 122 have a network connection? It’s okay though, I’ll post this later. I’m in a nice corner with room for all my bags. Let’s see, how many boys who I’ve crushed out on are in this room? least 3, but that’s cool, I can handle the rejection, ha ha ha. There are all sortsof awesome people here including the fabulous Michelle Collins, who made a play on my computer’s name and said that I’m an “Inspiron” to her, and Lang from the Wiener Philharmonic, whose show I’m going to tomorrow at Juvie Hall (with Becky Yamamoto opening. I’m also going to Juvie Hall on Friday for Sara Schaefer’s show). People are talking, there’s much chatter and seat-finding going on and they just used up all the extra chairs and people are just waiting. It is now 8:11. I emailed Jon today and said that for extra nerd irony points I’m gonna take a photo of me at the laptop wearing my “I am away from my computer right now” t-shirt.

Claudia: Where’d you get the beer, drunko?

Liam: At the store, asswipe.

Giulia just asked said, “If I say something, will you put it in your blog?”

Claudia wants me to remind her that she needs to email someone about a job, and apparently my blog is her new reminder service. Glad to be helpful to my friends. I think I have the best and funniest row in here; it’s like my own private show.

8:15, Claudia: Could you get me a beer, Liam?


Blogger Michelle Collins said...

Thanks for mentioning the inspiron pun, RACH - you're a Luna-bar-tic!!

Props on committing to this idea. This was incredible and detailed.

9:06 AM  
Blogger claudia said...

This really is an achievement and I'm glad I could witness it from the seat next to yours.

On a slightly embarassing note, that alchol related patter you recorded between Liam and me was really the poorest intervention ever conducted. I'll try harder next time.

9:43 AM  

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