Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Words of Wisdom from a Rejected Man

I'm cross posting this cause I like it so much. Tomorrow's your last chance to see The Rejection Show for a while. Cutie Jon Friedman tells his "Confessions of a Rejected Man."

Jon from Sunday night at Galapagos via Andy's blog:

For a long time, if there was anything that I wanted to accomplish, I would come close to achieving but then it would all slip away. I needed to find out why I had failed so often at getting and keeping the things that I wanted. People had told me time and again that that I wasn't quite good enough. Although often disappointed and at times crumblingly depressed, deep down I knew they were right. I was not taking the risks and chances that I knew were needed and that I was capable of. When you hide from your own potential out of fear of rejection, that's when rejection finds you at every turn. I was afraid. I wanted to be accepted first and take the chances second, and I expected everyone around me to understand that.

On the verge of dissolving into nothing after watching a girl I loved walk away from me, I used my disappointments as motivation to find positives within the failure. From that, The Rejection Show was born -- rejected works as metaphors for rejected people. If these already-turned-down pieces can have new life truly entertaining audiences, then why can't we as people find new life in our work after dealing with hardships? We've all been rejected, disappointed and heartbroken. That's why I believe so many people have connected to the idea of this show. Comedy -- especially stand-up comedy -- often masks something more serious that we as comedians want to express. We need rejection to understand how to find our success.

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