Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More Rejection Show blogging

8:17 - Liam just said he read on The Apiary that I was blogging another show.

8:20 - awesome now I have a connectionin here. Much conversation about beer is happening around me. The show is now about to start.

Liam and Claudia are talking about Bob Dylan going electric and selling out. They’re about to show a movie, a documentary about the show . Jon is wearing a white t-shirt against a white background. “For every accepted piece of work you have, there’s tons of rejected material...”

Arch Nemesis: Jon Friedman vs. Fron Jiedman

Fron Jiedman, host of the Acceptance Show, with a big thumbs up pinned to him.

Jon: “He’s a dirty hooker.”

Fron: “Jon’s a little baby.”

There’s really loud screaming and I’m scared. Seriously, it’s a little frightening, there’s a lot of cursing that they’re trying to beep out. Jon is now outside in nature "doing tai chi" in an "I've been rejected" shirt and Fron is about to chase him.

8:28 This movie is going on for a really long time, they’re some cool music. Jon and Fron have been wrestling and now I think they’re making up. The whole thing is totally ridiculous and hilarious, which I think is exactly the point. Oh, and it’s very nicely air conditioned in here.

8:30 The show is officially about to start. It's PACKED in here. People are sitting on the floor and they're going to all get free "I've been rejected" t-shirts. Now Fron has just come onstage live, and looks kindof menacing.

8:33 Jon just brought out Rejectee, the very adorable Rejection Show mascot who claps along to “We Will Rock You” and Fron is going to help Rejectee do the clapping. Fron just high fived some audience members with Rejectee. I feel like there’s twice as many people as there normally are here. Fron also stripped down and just threw his goggles into the crowd. Margot Leitman’s about to go on.

Margot just talked about the “Snausages” commercial when we were little. Shewould dress up and pretend to be the Snausages secretary for an hour. One of her brother’s friend complained to their mom.

Celebrity Xmas baskets - Portia de Rossi’s, Kiefer Sutherland, Drea de Matteo, etc.

Her brother wrote back to her with 3 pages of notes. He’s an editor at MAD who she submitted the piece to. “Always try to be thinking hip and edgy.” Be time sensitive. She tries again and her brother rejects it again, she’s gonna try to submit again about Halloween. She said she’s auditioned several times for Best Week Ever and got cast as a sexy pilgrim during a Thanksgiving episode.

8:53 - Jon’s back. He said he got rejected from hosting the Mermaid Ball but they’re gonna do a night called the Mermen Dance and he just danced a little and showed us a menu that says “We served brown rice.”


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