Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More Rejection Show - The End

9:19: Bob Powers is here with his super hilarious Andy for Mayor campaign signs. “A few months ago, I got a call from Andy’s campaign manager, otherwise known as Andy.” Yay! These are hilarious, I want one for my room.

“Vote for Andy Horwitz
Who else were you gonna vote for? Bloomberg? Oh. Remember 9/11"

“Vote for Andy Horwoitz. No Not Horowitz. Horwitz! There’s No “O”. Or, Imean ther’s an “O”, just not a second “O”...”

“Vote for Andy and he’ll totally link to you. He gets like 400 hits a day. A better New York is not just a wet dream. 9/11 We Remember”

“You remember Andy. You met him at Joel’s Party that time. Yeah, I think Joel’s a fucker too. But Andy’s cool”

“Blog Party - Don’t worry we’re still brainstorming other ideas for names. 9/11 Never Forget”

There were all rejected.

Accepted was:

“Vote for Andy Horwitz. Or, I’m sorry, did you ENJOY 9/11? (Andy thought it sucked)”

9:22 - About to show animated short film "Rejected" - Academy Award nominee

In these animated short films supposedly for kids, blood just poured out of a character’s eyes. It’s kindof like that time at burlesque when the ninja guy scared us so much Heidi had to clutch my hand. The others were pretty funny but now there’s blood, gore and violence and it’s kinda freaky. I’m a girl who spends time oohing and aahing over pics of little kids eating cupcakes, so maybe I take my cartoons too seriously. A baby just tumbled down a set of stairs in one animated short.

9:30 - Jon: "I advertised I was going to do the worst giveaway ever because people actually approached me to give away some good things. I was going to give everybody a bag of wheat germ. The people on the floor should get the prizes." Prizes are: CDs from a band called The Sponsors, their album was a hit in Spain but not the U.S. DVD of Fantasia. Matt Diffee from The New Yorker just came onstage. "That movie's gonna give me nightmares" - me too! Setting up the projector to show rejected cartoons.

9:36 - Adam Cole-Kelly is sharing his rejected New Yorker cartoon caption contest entries. Then he showed us his own drawings and captions which were pretty darn funny.

9:43 - Matt Diffee just introduced veteran New Yorker cartoonists Gahan Wilson and J.B. Handelsman

They showed a bunch of cartoons, I can’t really summarize them but they were pretty political and funny. Show is now over. There’s gonna be a summer hiatus, back in the fall. All I have to say is that this is one of my favorite shows because the material is stuff you just won’t see elsewhere and it has a very energetic, fun feel to it, and the segments are really short and funny.


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