Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Thursday! Gay! Comedy!

For those not going to the ECNY Awards, there's great gay comedy at UCB:

Register at the UCB site

The 10% Variety Hour

In celebration of Gay Pride Week, (and to prove that any “fag” jokes we’ve ever made are really ironic, not homophobic) the UCB Theater proudly presents a cornucopia of queer performers for your entertainment.

Jackie Clarke and John Flynn host an evening of full blown comedy with a mix of UCB regulars and top acts from all walks of entertainment.

--Lady Bunny, actress, deejay, singer/ songwriter, comedienne, ho (www.ladybunny.net)

--Lisa Jackson, “the prettiest, hardest-rocking gal in rock in New York City!” (www.lisajacksonandgirlfriday.com)

--Karen Mack & Michael Holland, the geniuses of Gashole “these kids are the hottest thing in show business since Sonny met Cher and Kiki kidnapped Herb!” (www.gashole.net)

--Cashetta, The World’s Most Fabulous Magician, (www.cashetta.com)

--John Heginbotham, Mark Morris Dance Group

Plus UCB favorites Jeff Hiller, Claudia Cogan, Eric Bernat, and Mark Sam Rosenthal

They’re all queer, they’ll all be here, and before it’s over, you’ll be used to it. In fact, you’ll be begging for more.


Blogger claudia said...

RKB, it's at 8:00, right before the ECNY awards at 9:30. I wasn't nominated for an emerging comedy award but it's alright because I was selected by god to do gay comedy.

7:11 AM  

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