Friday, June 24, 2005

ECNY Winners!

List shamelessly stolen from Nate at The Apiary - clearly I could've stopped by at 11 pm and partaken in the open bar and partying, but I reached my 2 drink limit for the week and am just feeling old and tired lately. Congratulations to all the winners, especially AZIZ ANSARI (who apparently has a new bit on Cold Stone Creamery that I must see ASAP), THE REJECTION SHOW, JESSI KLEIN & NICK KROLL, JUVIE HALL and JESSY DELFINO! Michelle Collins was robbed is all I have to say on that score - no, I don't even know what that site is, but Michelle always cracks me up.

Best Sketch Comedy Group - The Wicked Wicked Hammerkatz
Best Female Standup Comedian - Heather Lawless
Best Male Standup Comedian - Aziz Ansari
Best Director - AJ Morales
Best Comedy Writer - Catie Lazarus
Best One Person Show - Swollen Head
Best Variety Show - The Rejection Show
Best Comedic Duo - Casey Wilson and June Raphael
Best Host - Jessi Klein & Nick Kroll
Best Short Comedic Film - I Am Drugs
Best Technician - Pat Baer
Best Improv Group - Big Black Car
Best Website -
Best Flyer Design - Elephant Larry
Best Most Fucked Up Thing I Saw This Year - Bret Gelman's Sphincter
Best Venue - Juvie Hall
Best Musical Comedy Act - Jessica Delfino


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