Sunday, October 02, 2005

And the ECNY award for best heckler goes to...

All I have to say about tonight's Million Dollar Bash at Rififi is that it was totally hilarious. It was a small crowd and really one of those you had to be there moments, for the O'Debra Twins + Richard Marx impersonator onstage dancing and gyrating, and then this old woman walked in and was muttering to herself, and to everyone around her, telling us that the crowd was young, and she'd called ahead. What else happened? I'm hoping Liam doesn't break my kneecaps for sharing this, but Bob Powers brought up some of his bestselling self-help book ideas, Andres directed the audience to cheer, my friend Lori was the bachelorette of the night and got quite the bachelorette party, Becky and Noelle (?) sang songs a la Jen Wood/Tattle Tale, oh and Lori got a lap dance. I think that about covers it, I do have photos to share at some point too. The point is - come back on Sunday for the next Million Dollar Bash, 7 pm at Rififi, which is apparently booked EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK for comedy shows and hence is out for my birthday.


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Blogger Liam said...

Thanks for coming out Rachel, I super appreciate it.

Almost as much as I don't appreciate blog commetnspam. Grrrr,

11:22 PM  
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