Sunday, October 02, 2005

R Bar's NYC Underground Comedy Festival Show

I won't be there, but here's a Brooklyn show:

Ok this Thursday (October 6th) as part of the New York Underground Comedy Festival all the R-bar regulars will perform some crazy ass comedy under the BQE at 10:00. The show is free, the drinks will be cheep. And good times will be had. This is gonna be a real fun and good show, please come, please bring friends...

Brian Finkelstein hosts:

Victor Varnado from the Eddie Murphy movie "Pluto Nash," the Schwarzenegger movie "End of Days," Comedy Central's "Premium Blend" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Liam McEneaney, from Comedy Central's "Premium Blend" and VH1's "Best Week Ever"

Ritch Duncan from "Tough Crowd with Collin Quinn, Jest Magazine

Kimmy Gatewood, from Comedy Central's "Porn n' Chicken", and Chicago City Limits Main Stage

Charlie Sanders (the Buffoons, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, as well as Mike Dobbins, Chris Jurek, & more!

The R Bar in Willamsburg Brooklyn.
451 Graham Avenue (under the BQE @ Meeker)
Take the L train to Graham Avenue then walk down to Meeker
It's 6 blocks form the train- (metropolitan, conseylea, skillman, jackson, withers, frost, meeker)

(718) 286-6116


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