Saturday, October 01, 2005


Mortified was AWESOME last night. I went with my mom and high school student stepbrother and we all laughed a lot. The 9-year-old business letters from Chanel were really amazing. What a rockin' show. Hint to all attending in the future - make a reservation. We almost didn't get in. Kudos to Giulia for another fabulous lineup. But...I would like to see people I haven't seen before. Not that I don't like their sets, but paying $12 I'd like to see all new stuff. Jon Friedman did some great deep voiced prank phone calls and read from his journal, and there was music too. But those fake business letters ruled. Photos from the show coming soon.

Nate from The Apiary was there too and I'm sure will have lots of photos. I also met Shawn Hollenbach from Mintyfresh who was awesome - they have shows October 8th at Laugh Factory and 20th at The Tank, the latter of which is a coming out show. But when when when is the singles comedy show? Cause clearly that's what I need. I'm half-kidding, half-not. I'll keep my eyes peeled on the Mintyfresh site.


Blogger Giulia said...

Thanks for the kudos and yes a new line-up everytime would be ideal, but I NEED more people to AUDITION! October 21 show will feature three people from LA flying into town to share thier shame. Hopefuly with more show more people will be inspired to read thier own stuff.

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