Saturday, September 24, 2005

Chicago deep dish pizza, in Brooklyn

Chicago deep dish pizza, in Brooklyn
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At comedian Rob Paravonian's birthday party last night. Because, clearly, I can't NOT attend any comedian's birthday party unless I'm out of the country. (Sorry, Claudia.) Anyway, I thought Rob was kidding when he said he was flying in pizza from Chicago, but he was totally serious. It was from Lou Malnati's and was quite delicious, though the cutting of the pizza seemed to take a little while. It was worth it though! I am not as big a pizza fanatic as Rob or Adam of Slice but I will happily eat other's circuitously acquired slices. I think that just may have been my first deep dish pizza. If I ever get myself back to Chicago, I may go there in person.

To bring this back to comedy...Rob's weekly show is Comedy Pro Shop, and it happens tomorrow night at Sin Sin Lounge at 2nd Avenue and 5th, and it's free. The lineup features Allison Castillo, Karith Foster, Dan Newbower, Rob & Mark, and who knows who else? And I might be bringing some cupcakes, but, you know, don't quote me on that.


Blogger BTExpress said...

I ordered some from Lou Malnati's a few months ago, three different kinds. It was good, but I still like the NY pizza way better.

1:09 PM  

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