Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Jokes

Just got this email from Larry Getlen FYI

Hey folks

Larry Getlen here, with an opportunity for comics to have their jokes and
promotional information in a book that will be available in just about every book
store in the country.

I am currently writing and compiling THE COMPLETE IDIOTS GUIDE TO JOKES. Part of the
very successful Idiots Guide series (over 20 million copies sold), the book will be
released in September 2006 through Alpha Books, an imprint of Penguin Publishing.
THE COMPLETE IDIOTS GUIDE TO JOKES will be a reference guide of over 1,500 of the
world’s funniest jokes cross-referenced by category, plus advice for the lay person
on how to tell a joke in any situation.

Every comic whose jokes are included in the book will, of course, be credited
immediately next to each of their jokes. In addition, the book will include a list
of every comedian whose jokes are featured, which means you get a brief bio,
including, if you like, your web page address (or, if you don’t have one, your
E-Mail address).

Here’s the deal.

1. The main rule for these jokes is, the shorter the better. One-liners or two- or
three-line jokes are best. When in doubt, 45 or 50 words is generally a good
cut-off. However, if it’s on the fence, or slightly over, send it.

2. Jokes are welcome in every topic.

3. As far as language goes, I’d say if the book was a movie, it would be mostly
PG-13 with flashes of R. No NC-17 or XXX. We’re going to generally avoid curse
words, but, if a joke is simply brilliant and needs the profanity, we may be able to
use it. When in doubt, send it.

4. HOWEVER, as far as subject matter is concerned, this is a book geared toward
adults. No topic is off limits.

5. Send as many jokes as you like.

6. I’m looking to receive submissions as soon as possible. The deadline is October
8, but if you can send it earlier, that would be great.

7. Please feel free to forward this message to all your comedian friends.


Please send all submissions to me at

zhet_99 at

When sending your submission, please include:

1. Your Name

2. Your Snail Mail address

3. Your bio (including, if desired, your web or E-Mail address) – limit 50 words

4. In the subject line, please put: “Original submission for IDIOTS GUIDE TO JOKES”

5. Paste your jokes inside the body of the E-Mail message – no attachments, please.

That’s all, folks. Thanks, and I’m looking forward to seeing your submissions on or
before October 8.


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