Saturday, October 01, 2005

Joe Devito's shows

I really don't know how people do so many shows. I sometimes wonder how people get onstage at all. I do readings, but I kinda hate it. Being onstage is not me at my finest, but I'm a writer, first and foremost, not a performer.

Anyway, just a prelude to Joe Devito's week full of shows, cause he and everyone else I link to here DO belong onstage:

Monday -- "The Big Sell" at Otto's Shrunken Head, 8:00. All comics who've worked in advertising.
Tuesday -- Giant Tuesday Night of etc, 8:00
Wed. -- Suddenly Stand-Up at the Duplex, 7:00. Then some magazine launch party at Laugh Factory at 9:30. Have you ever been there? They have plasma TVs all over the place, the stage looks like you're on a TV special.
Thurs -- "Best of..." at Jack Demsey's, 8:00. Some of our faves and me airing it out for a nice long set, whether the audience wants me to or not.


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