Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sara Schaefer t-shirts, Brutal Honesty, and the most booked up comedian around

Sara Schaefer has the most adorable "Sara Shaefer Is Obsessed With Me" t-shirts for sale on her site (and at her shows). This is what she says:

"Right now I don't have pictures of everything but if you tell me your specifications I'll send you the closest thing I have.  Or you can wait for me to send you a picture. This isn't J-crew, so get over it. I also make adorable bags - pictures coming soon!"

These are HANDMADE by Sara, people. And she'll be part of Mortified on July 17th.

And from the super talented Lianne Stokes:

The next Brutal Honesty is going to be July 20th at Otto's. 9 PM Topic "I will make you love me? Tales of obsessive crushes." Line-up: Brandy Barber, Tony Carnevale, Pete Olsen and Molly Anderson.

Also, does anyone plan their shows as far in advance as Andres du Bouchet? Dude, I think I'm free in DECEMBER. I shouldn't say anything cause I'm planning my November bithday party, but still, it's funny.


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