Friday, July 15, 2005

Sex Lives of Comedians column!

Yes, my worlds are colliding...

I worked on this column for longer than I've worked on any of my other ones, and want to thank everyone who's quoted in it AND everyone else who gave me feedback/input/stories (sorry I couldn't include everything, there were some funny/juicy bits, but that's life). I had almost thought it was never going to happen, but I pulled it off and am pretty happy with the result. Also major thanks to my editor who is such a careful reader and helps me sound much more polished, plus makes me think about every single word very carefully, in a good way. The photo credit should read Ophira Eisenberg, also.

The column is on Sex Lives of Comedians and has interviews with comics Christian Finnegan, Jessi Klein, Todd Levin, Allison Castillo, Chelsea Peretti, Giulia Rozzi, Jess Wood, Baron Vaughn, Gilad Foss and Eric de Piccioto.


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