Sunday, July 10, 2005

Comedian gossip roundup

I just got two emails telling me that Rob Paravonian is off to Afghanistan to do comedy for the troops, so won't be at his show Comedy Pro Shop tonight. Not sure how long he'll be there, but let's all wish Rob well - that he makes them laugh just as hard as he does the East Village folks (or harder) and had a safe and speedy return. Comedy Pro Shop is tonight, 8:30 at Sin Sin Lounge (2nd Ave, corner of 5th), with Ophira Eisenberg, Rachel Feinstein, Karith Foster, and Dan Newbower.

I see that if I was more up on my Bloglines, I'd have known this already. Rob posted about his trip and sounds in good spirits. Here's what he's bringing:

Things to remember to take:

Pashto phrasebook
concealer in case I wind up on some reporter's satellite phone
calling card
telephone numbers to all x-girlfriends for drunk/opium dialing
extra socks

Upon his return, I'm going to quiz him on the opium and balloons (notice they don't get any explanation - I wonder if they're the kind you can make balloon animals with?).

Also, more in comedy world real life:

Happy Birthday, yesterday and today respectively, to young uns (you're younger than me!) Michelle Collins and Sara Schaefer, both of whom were shaking their asses and looking awesome last night, along with (this is like comedian Gawker Stalker) hottie Lang from the Wiener Philharmonic, Jon Friedman and non-comedian Derek Hartley. But the real prize goes to Becky Yamamoto, who shook her ass like a pro. That girl can MOVE! Seriously, I want to take hip-shimmying lessons from her.


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