Monday, July 04, 2005

Comedy Pro Shop!

Comedy Pro Shop was particularly hilarious last night, and I’m not exactly sure why that was. I’d seen at least half the people (Liam McEneaney, Susan Prekel, etc.) do very similar sets this very week, but still, the new bits were great - Josh Comers wrote some 4th of July-themed material, and Baron Vaughn was joking about the Greek classics, which is not something you see every day. Rob Paravonian ripped on the Friends theme song, and there was this heckler named Russell who kindof stole the whole show with his drunken tirades and screams for sangria. I usually go to comedy shows by myself, and a couple friends came and I realized it’s even more fun to go with other people, to watch what makes them laugh, to share your favorite jokes/performers with them. Rob also played “Particle Board” (which you can hear here) and a really funny song about angry rockers.


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